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Labor plan no fix for systemic NBN, service issues: Greens

25 June 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

The Australian Labor Party's plans for a service guarantee for those who use Australia's national broadband network, the NBN, is…

OpenBSD chief de Raadt says no easy fix for new Intel CPU bug

25 June 2018 in Security

Recompiling is unlikely to be a catch-all solution for a recently unveiled Intel CPU vulnerability known as TLBleed, the details…

Amazon workers want facial recognition software sale to cops halted

25 June 2018 in Technology Regulation

Workers at retail giant Amazon have written to chief executive Jeff Bezos, telling him not to sell Rekognition facial recognition…

Ex-NSA hacker says new Intel bug will need 'ton of work' to fix

25 June 2018 in Security

A security researcher says a fix for a new vulnerability in Intel processors is likely to require changes to the…

TIO ready to apply new standards in considering telecoms disputes

25 June 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman has been quick to put the telecoms industry on notice it will take into account the…

ZTE set to meet all demands for getting back into business

24 June 2018 in Government Tech Policy

An official at the US Commerce Department says Chinese telecommunications company ZTE Corporation will pay US$400 million into an escrow…

Labor pledges better NBN experience if it regains power

24 June 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

The Australian Labor Party has pledged to deliver a better experience for consumers of Australia's national broadband network, the NBN,…

US Supreme Court rules no mobile location data without a warrant

23 June 2018 in Technology Regulation

The US Supreme Court has ruled that police need a warrant before they can gain access to location information, stored…

New standards go 'some way' to reducing consumer NBN transition problems: ACCAN

22 June 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

Telecommunications consumer interest lobby group Australian Communications Consumer Action Network says new industry standards to help consumers make a smooth…

ACMA releases industry standards for moving to NBN

22 June 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has released two industry standards that it says will help consumers make a smooth…

GitHub users threaten exodus unless Microsoft cancels ICE contract

22 June 2018 in Strategy

Ninety-seven open-source developers have threatened to move their projects from the source code repository GitHub, which is now owned by…

Optus says still working on making Optus Sport free for Aussies

22 June 2018 in Entertainment

Telecommunications provider Optus says its Optus Sport service is being modified so that it can be accessed free of charge…

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Aussie telcos, time to get serious with managed SD-WAN to offset revenue decline

25 June 2018 in Telecoms & NBN

Data and analytics company GlobalData has issued a warning to Australian telcos that "software-defined networking (SDN), intense competition and price…

275M voice assistants reaching by 2023, growing 1000% with Alexa leading the way

25 June 2018 in Home Tech

With voice assistants used in smart homes to grow 1000% by 2023, up from an estimated 25 million in 2018,…

Mobile phone financial scam calls on the increase: anecdotal evidence

25 June 2018 in Home Tech

Recently I've been getting calls from an American sounding guy called John Mitchell, offering some kind of financial advice, in…

Nvida Shield TV coming to Australia

25 June 2018 in Home Tech

Nvidia's Shield TV goes on sale in Australia and New Zealand next month, after being launched in the US three…

Bitglass, Westcon-Comstor seal NZ distribution deal

25 June 2018 in Market

SaaS and enterprise mobile security vendor Bitglass has appointed Westcon-Comstor as the company’s first value-added distributor in New Zealand.

Eaton boosts expansion of Australia, NZ services team

25 June 2018 in People Moves

Power management company Eaton is further expanding its services business in Australia and New Zealand with the appointment of Filip…

HP patches for iLO may be tough to locate: researcher

25 June 2018 in Security

An European researcher says that even though HP has released patches for a vulnerability in the server management solution that…

DUO promises 'on-the-go dual screen laptop monitor', raises funds in 4 hours

24 June 2018 in Home Tech

A new Kickstarter campaign, to give your laptop a relatively inexpensive second screen that can "slide out", raised its funding…

Apple launches 'keyboard service program for MacBook and MacBook Pro'

24 June 2018 in Home Tech

After two class-action lawsuits in the US have targeted Apple's flat, butterfly keyboards on portable Macs from 2015 onwards, the…

Study says Brits 'confused by gadgets', but they won't read the instructions!

24 June 2018 in Home Tech

British energy and connected home company Centrica's new study shows that Britons are "baffled by the number of buttons, symbols…

Westpac's STEM work experience program open for 100 Auburn high school girls

22 June 2018 in Development

Westpac has launched a pilot program to encourage up to 100 female high school students in Sydney to gain valuable…

eBay Plus Weekend on June 23 and 24 promises genuinely massive deals up to 72% off

23 June 2018 in Home Tech

eBay is going all out with its new "Plus Weekend" promotion, promising its "hottest ever deals" with what took like…

This July school holidays, Microsoft's Pitt St Mall store invites girls to 'Code Like a Girl'

22 June 2018 in Home Tech

Girls in the "approx 6-15 years old" age group with an interest in learning to code are invited by Microsoft…

amaysim's apt advice to avoid awful winter electricity bill shock

22 June 2018 in Home Tech

With the shortest day of the year just having passed, it still won't get any warmer for at least the…

Review: KnewKey Rymek keyboard

22 June 2018 in Peripherals

Bring some old-school style to your fingertips with this retro keyboard.

Is journalism responsible for weak cyber security?

22 June 2018 in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

As an industry, we focus on the latest and greatest hacks, intrusions, tools and techniques. But in doing so, are…

Aussie businesses hit by digital service failures: survey

22 June 2018 in Market

Critical digital services and applications are failing multiple times a month for many Australian businesses, diminishing productivity and customer experiences,…

Sacked by AI, tech worker found humans could do nothing

22 June 2018 in Business Intelligence

A tech worker in the US lost his job due to the company's automated systems removing him from the rolls…


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