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Oh, Google, Android O’s delayed, will O be for Oreo or Orange?

Android O’s tipped to be Oreo as K was for KitKat, but if O is for orange, we can finally compare iOS Apples and Android Oranges for real!

Ok, so Google’s latest Android OS, set to be known as Android 8.0 and to come with the name of a supposed dessert starting with O, was meant to have been released by now.

The date was meant to be 10 August, but as Android Police’s David Ruddock has stated, we now have to wait for the solar eclipse, due 21 August, for the secret of the O to be released.

Naturally, people with a bit of imagination have used it to image that an eclipse can look just like an Oreo biscuit in the sky – a big black circle surrounded by white.

Of course, the secret of the O could be something else, but it seems decidedly unlikely, with the only true surprise to be had set to be if O stands for jell-O or something equally unlikely.

And if Google goes down the Oreo path, it obviously wouldn’t be the first time that Google had used a branded sweet to name an OS, for we’ve had KitKat long before Oreos came on the scene.

That said, Phandroid made a prediction for Android OS names way back in 2013, and suggested Oreo way back then – as well as the more mundane Oatmeal Cookie, another biscuit that could, at least theoretically, be represented by an eclipse, although nowhere near as elegantly as an Oreo does.

So, what this calls for is a poem, and I’ve whipped one up with a creamy centre filling just for you:

Oh, Google, oh Android, oh OS, oh dear
To which name direction shall Google thee steer?
There’s always been sweet treats, but never brisket
But to get the biscuit, you have to risk it!

There are so few sweets that do start with O
Which leaves so few places that Google can go
There’s weird names with no chance of getting right up
Which just leaves Oreo to dunk in your cup

Just fill it with milk and bring on the cookies
When it comes to names, Google has no rookies
Just make it real simple and make it so sweet
So bad names and Androids the twain shall not meet

But focus on Android, not strange culture wars
Or more of your workers shall head for the doors
For all we do want is good stuff that just works
Instead of a place that seems half filled with jerks

So Google, stop fighting and get back to work
Instead of your nonsense that’s just cirque du twerk
We want a good OS that makes us feel great
Even when your privacy work does not rate

Oh, Google, oh Android, you do make us wait
For the sweet new name of OS Android 8
Now we know it’s coming and it won’t be long
But if it’s not Oreo – it will sound wrong!


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