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Aussie company Dog and Bone makes a ‘smart case’ for its claimed world-first Wetsuit Impact case fusing slim, durable technology with flexible glass impact screen.

The term ‘dog and bone’ is well known Cockney rhyming slang for telephone, and as such, calling a tech company ‘Dog & Bone’ is clearly a clever name for Australian electronics entrepreneur Lee Ranchod to have chosen for his smart case company.

After all, Ranchod would presumably never want to ride roughshod over his smartphone, and by creating a creative case company, he doesn’t want you to, either.

Ranchod created the claimed ‘world’s first topless direct touchscreen waterproof smartphone case’ dubbed the ‘Wetsuit’, and then the claimed ‘world’s first shockproof wireless charging case’ that was ‘military tested with fast wireless charging technology and battery module’ dubbed the ‘Backbone’.

Clearly, Dog & Bone has put its back into the smart case and accessories business, and when the company says it is ‘re-scripting the way we use and benefit from our mobile devices within leisure, work and life,’ it must be doing something right - even winning the prestigious Good Design Awards in 2014 within the highly competitive Consumer Electronics category.

The company then went one step further in early 2015, presumably dog and boning in a favour or two to raise AUD $2 million ‘by way of a convertible note to private investors’, which sees the company in the top dog position of having distribution in over 50 countries around the world with retail ranging in major companies such as Best Buy, Telstra, Verizon dealers, AT&T dealers and Amazon.

So, what is Dog & Bone’s newest claimed ‘world-first’?

A new, slim water and drop proof case featuring a first-of-its-kind pairing for the new iPhone 6S with a flexible glass impact screen rated the world’s highest impact standard.

It’s called the ‘Wetsuit Impact for iPhone 6S and for the 6S Plus’, and the company says it ‘fuses ever-so-slim durable technology with flexible glass impact screen protection, making it more than capable of enduring the bumps and mishaps of a full and active life,’ and joins its previous two world-first cases as the new alpha.

To absorb the knocks and bumps of daily life, the company explains its Wetsuit Impact exceeds tough Military standards (MIL STD 810G) withstanding drops and water immersion to 6.6 feet (two metres).

It also has an Ingress Protection rating of 68 – the highest level from water and dust, which means that, with its combination of water, snow, dirt and sand protection, the Wetsuit Impact is ‘ideal for outdoor enthusiasts whether on the slope, mountain biking or shooting rapids.’

You’d have to imagine it would withstand quite a mauling from your chew-happy dog thinking it might be some kind of new-fangled bone, too.

But what else can the Wetsuit Impact offer?

Well, the flexible glass impact screen protection of course, rated at the highest standard: 9H, and it is finished with a ‘high performance coating for resisting fingerprints, smudges, scratches, and for touch screen sensitivity and clarity.’

There’s also a ‘premium rubber overmoulded bumper adds a second durable layer of protection,’ and which provides for a better grip.

Here’s the company’s video - the article continues thereafter, please read on:

The aforementioned Lee Ranchod, who is Dog & Bone’s Founder and Director, noted the new Wetsuit Impact ‘reflects the company’s mission to deliver all-protective cases to suit the way we live,’ and stated: “We love to push the boundaries of mobile technology and, by doing so, help to reshape its future.

“This means listening to consumers and understanding their wants and experiences, and using the knowledge to develop innovative products that make available features and benefits previously not afforded.

“We know consumers want slim protection that is both functional and looks good. Two other priorities our customers have repeatedly told us they love when it comes to mobile protection is all-weather protection, and impact screen protection. It was an obvious choice, then, for us to ‘marry the two’ together.

“Dirt and grime easily wipe clean rather than absorbing into the screen, discolouring it and affecting the user experience – a pet hate of standard pet film coverings,” concluded Ranchod.

So, when can you get it, what are its colours and just how much will it cost?

The Wetsuit Impact iPhone for 6S/6S Plus will be released this month in three colour options – Blackest Black, Silvertail and Electric Orange.

Only US pricing is available at this stage, which is $79.95 for the iPhone 6 and 6s models, and $89.95 for the iPhone 6 and 6s Plus.

You’ll find more information at Dog & Bone here - where there’s a Samsung Galaxy S6 case, too. 


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