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iOS 7.0.4 update and other Apple news

Apple has released an iOS update 7.0.4 – the third update since its release on 18 September.

That is not a criticism at all – more and frequent updates the better as this new operating system (OS) beds in.

Strangely, – at the time of reporting – there is no change log where it should be and a search of the Apple web site reveals no information at all.

The notification screen mentioned bug fixes and improvements, including a fix for an issue that causes FaceTime calls to fail for some users.

Reading the forums it appears release 7.0.3 introduced more bugs than it cured – again this is to be expected in a new OS. Those issues have ranged from irritations like text disappearing – especially on web pages - to major issues like random reboots.

JailBreak developers have given this update the all clear so go for it.

iPad mini with Retina – first looks

The web is awash with comments about the new iPad mini with Retina. I will be reviewing the mini over the next week and will test all of these.

Apparently, real life battery life is shorter than expected – 10 hours is the claim - and it requires a new, larger, 12W power charger instead of the old smaller, 5W one – rendering older Apple and third party chargers useless.

It is 29g heavier at 341g and .3mm thicker at 7.5mm - it has a 64-bit A7 processor and bigger battery – hence the bigger charger.

The new processor is from three to five times faster on a range of benchmarks – the real issue is how that translates into speed of running applications. I think it will most benefit games and heavy video use but only if the app has been rewritten/recompiled for 64-bit use.

The retina screen – 2048x1536 326ppi - is definitely better than the old screen – 1024x768 163 ppi. Comments include that the colour temperature is warmer (perhaps not as white).

Wi-Fi supports MIMO (multiple input and output antenna) but only if your router does too.

After having used an iPad with retina all year my focus will be on how different the mini is and if the smaller screen affects productivity.

iWorks – iWorse

iTWire reported that the new Mac version of iWorks was definitely not better – Apple forums were littered with complaints.

According to the Register “Apple admits to Mavericks iWork cockup, promises rescue” it will restore some of the lost features over the next six months.

But this does not solve the real issue – iWorks is now a touch interface and that will never satisfy keyboard and mouse Mac users.


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