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Samdroid may subvert Android

A senior Samsung smart TV executive has admitted that it is planning to release a Tizen powered smart TV.

That is not a startling admission except for an off-the-cuff remark from Samsung co-chief executive and head of Samsung consumer electronics business Boo-Keun Yoon that “It is the first step in creating Samsung’s own ecosystem that ties everything together including TV’s, home appliances and smartphones.”

Tizen is another Linux based operating system. It is a joint venture between Intel and Samsung and analysts widely believe that the company views it “as the software all of its future consumer products will run on."


Samsung has been extraordinarily successful with Android and it's reaching the point where no one really cares if its smartphones run Android or not – as long as the quality, features and apps remain on a par with Apple’s competitive ecosystem. Samsung may have started as the tail on the Android dog but now, much to Google’s chagrin, it is well and truly the other way round.

iTWire’s David Swan reported on 23 August that Tizen was on the Horizon for Samsung Smartphones. Since then the speculation has been growing that Samsung may announce its full support for Tizen at the Samsung Developers Conference, 26-27 October in San Francisco, California. According to a leaked session list, there are a number of sessions about developing for Tizen and indications that a Tizen smartphone - SM-Z9005 with similar specifications to the Galaxy 3 – will be previewed.

Samsung is growing less enamoured with Google and it is not afraid to say so. It wants an OS to run on everything including cameras, printers, smart fridges, air conditioners and security systems – the internet of everything. Google’s Android cannot give that to Samsung so the time is right to make a move.

It is rumoured that the Tizen smartphone will be trialled in Japan, France, China, and Russia. Samsung has, in collaboration with carrier partners, carefully analysed each market - before selecting them for the initial launch. For example, France, China and Russia were previously strong markets for Bada OS (which has been merged into Tizen) and currently has a smartphone penetration rate that will allow Tizen to flourish.

The question remains whether existing Galaxy class devices will run Tizen. The answer appears that it would be a relatively easy over the air update with little or no change to the Samsung TouchWiz user interface or Android app compatibility. The screen shots below show Tizen running on an S3 and show just how close Tizen looks to Android. 


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