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Telstra’s ‘Smarter Business Idea’ – a free tablet magazine app

If you want some smarter business ideas, you may have already stumbled upon Telstra’s ACP-made “Smarter Business Ideas” magazine, but now you can read that magazine in a smarter format: on your iOS or Android tablet.

Telstra’s “Smarter Business Ideas” magazine is broadening its reach, today launching as a free app of the iOS and Android tablet platforms, leading me to the instant thought as to whether excluding Windows devices for now is a dumber business idea.

Presumably a Windows version is on the way, with Telstra and ACP, its custom publishing magazine partner, obviously focusing on the world’s two most popular mobile platforms first.

Telstra’s Group MD for its business division, Will Irving, said: “Telstra is investing in the comprehensive roll-out of Australia’s first national superfast 4G LTE mobile network so it’s the perfect time for us to leverage our content across a medium that complements business people’s lifestyle.

“The magazine is unique in the Australian business publishing environment, exclusively featuring Australian content focusing on the issues, challenges and personal business stories of local enterprise. With the launch of the app, we are putting exclusively Australian material at the fingertips of busy business professionals,” concluded Mr. Irving.

He also quoted research will states that: “more than 40 per cent of SMB owners spend a quarter of their time out of the office, and 46 per cent said they are more likely to allow their staff to work remotely with the advent of higher speed mobile broadband.”

With so much time out of the office, there’s probably a bit of travel downtime that could well be filled by partaking of an article or two from the Smarter Business Ideas app, but Telstra nor Mr Irving make that suggestion.

Telstra’s media release also states that: “About 15 per cent of Australians already use tablet devices, with predictions this will double to 30 per cent by the end of 2013. Tablet sales are expected to reach 2.37 million by the end of 2012”.  

As noted, the app is free, and the good news is that you don’t need a “subscription to access the content.”

So, how have ACP and Tesltra built the app? Well, they obviously had people do it, but the platform used is “Adobe’s digital publishing suite”, and the “enterprise edition” at that, with Tesltra and ACP promising that “the app edition will offer a plethora of visual content including embedded video case studies of business people sharing their learnings and winning ways, technology ‘how to’ guides, reviews and trends.”

The “publishing director” of ACP Magazines, Gerry Reynolds, stated that: “We are proud to be able to launch Telstra’s Smarter Business Ideas magazine on both the Apple and Android tablet platforms simultaneously.

“ACP has led Australia in publishing app versions of our brands, creating the best in tablet magazines including Gourmet Traveller and The Australian Women’s Weekly and the first client tablet magazines. We are thrilled to see this great magazine reach an even wider business audience through their tablets,” he concluded.

Again, no mention of Windows Phones, Windows 8 or Windows anything, but presumably Telstra and ACP will get smart and smartly support that platform, too.

To get the app, you can search for “Smarter” in Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play stores, with iOS (4.0+) and Android 3.2+ and 4.x being the minimum requirements.

Also, while Telstra and ACP’s media release talks about the “Android and iOS platforms”, it specifically means tablets – there is no smartphone version, at least for the iPhone, although there is a way for smartphones to get some access.

How? Well, Telstra says its printed Smarter Business Ideas magazine will continue being sold, but now with come with a “VIEWA augmented reality app” option which, if downloaded, will “give readers access to digital content, including videos and product showcases, to download via their smartphones.”

So, if you want some smarter business ideas, downloading Telstra’s smart new app might well not only be a smart thing to do, but (like reading this article) might be one of the smartest things you’ll do today!


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