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Samsung Galaxy Note II - Australian launch live blog Featured

Stage at Galaxy Note II Launch in Australia - Live Blog Stage at Galaxy Note II Launch in Australia - Live Blog

Samsung is launching its Galaxy Note II smartphone in Australia tonight, complete with 5.5-inch screen and stylus along with the latest Android smarts to take on iOS, Windows Phone 8 and everyone else!

It's 6.15pm in Australia, and Samsung is finally launching its Galaxy Note II in Australia.

The event starts with Todd Samson, CEO of Leo Burnett, here to introduce us to the Galaxy Note II launch.

Please refresh the screen to continue reading more from this event. The event has now concluded and the live blog is here in full - please read on!

The text is either as fast as I could type on what each person was saying, and when video is playing, the text is a description of what I am seeing.

Samsung Galaxy Note II - Australian launch live blog:

Mr Samson talks of creativity, cameras, the latest range of PCs and the Galaxy Note II smartphone.

Craig Gillespie - Business Unit Manager is coming onto the stage. 

New age of communication - no longer voice and text. Reams of pictures - the visual communication era. More and more important and a part of how we communicate with family and friends. We've been listening to that community. People want high quality image capture, power to edit, power to share seamlessly - this is the Samsung Galaxy Camera section of the launch.

6.18pm - Camera powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Quad Core processor for easy and efficient sharing. Galaxy Camera keeps you connected wherever you are - ultra fast Wi-Fi and 3G for constant connectivity. Do it all straight from the camera - snap picture, edit, upload and share to social networks easily.

Share shot - no more "painful group photos" where everyone says "take one more photo with my camera". Share shot lets you take one photo and share it between devices easily. The auto upload feature saves photos directly to the cloud as you take them - for peace of mind. Makes it easy to share photos for people who are far away.

Shooting pictures with the Galaxy Camera is truly a pleasure - easy and power. A Super Long ZOOM LENS... 21x super long zoom! Galaxy Camera is feature with 21x optical zoom lens - 100% glass - you get the same crystal clear pics for close and zoom shots.

By maitaining that sharpness, you can zoom in later with another device or program and get digital zoom as well.

Aperture [missed a bit here]... increases camera's capability of taking great low light photos.

Outstanding photos anyone can be proud of - is by using the Smart Pro Mode - there are 15 modes preset in the camera. No fiddling or practice - just choose the mode you want - the camera will take care of the rest.

First example - action freeze mode. Crisp photos even of fast moving subjects. Light Trace mode - for a river of lights, think car lights - and also Blue Sky mode - no more washed out sky. Glorious blue sky for all your photos.

Not just still shots - full HD video is supported as standard and great for sharing amongst all digital devices.

Slow motion menu too - shoot wide VGA quality at 120 frames per second. You'll see it without the artifacts you get from artificially rendering slow payback.

You can enjoy - Galaxy Camera's 4.8-inch HD super clear touch screen "is exacty what a camera display should be". Double brightness without draining battery.

6.23pm - Smart Content Manager built into the Camera - face recognition, time or location - a spiral or simple timeline - make or delete folders, move files between folders, drag and drop simply and intuitively.

This is a simple way to share - it works the way you expect it to work - but easier and better to use thanks to the 4.8-inch screen.

Also - powerful and simple editing features on board.

Let's look at faces - best faces - a frustration with a group photo is that someone blinked at the wrong time. However with fast burst shot - tap on the person who blinked to see a selection of shots to get the best face in the photo! Great feature.

6.25pm - Todd Samson back on stage. 100 million photos uploaded today around the globe, he says. An Indian cab driver was playing with his Galaxy, asking how the Internet worked - asking Todd. He asked about speed - he said "my parents have just chosen my wife and they've just chosen my wife and I really want to see what she looks like". (Laughter)

Now Todd talks Windows 8. Advertising is flooding the market right now he says. To talk to us about it is Tyler McGee - Vice President of Samsung.

6.26pm - I hope you've been enjoying everything so far. The diversity of products we offer to Australians. We have 24 R&D centres and 6 design centres to deliver customer products to deliver real benefits to their lives. Our new lineup on Windows 8 products - we're really excited about this new OS. We see ourselves as uniquely positioned to take advantage of it.

We're the only innovator capable of creating an entire suite of devices in this ecosystem - tablets, AIO desktop PCs, notebooks etc. When creating the Samsung ATIV range - we focused on three key pillars - simple, powerful and beautiful. From the simple Windows interface across the range to the powerful Samsung products people expect. 

Samsung ATIV Smart PC and Smart PC Pro - combine the power of a PC and the freedom of a tablet - a unique and revolutionary design. It opens and closes normally - that's true - but what if you only need the screen? No problem - a detachable magnetic keyboard immediately turns it into a tablet for limitless creativity options even on the go. If you need the keyboard - just plug it in.

People are going to love the mode shift potential of this revolutionary PC. Craig has spoken of sharing - we'll continue this with ALLSHARE Play across the Windows range - share content among the devices you own and maximise your creativity. We have the S Pen too - customised S Note for these devices - take notes, write, draw, highlight and much more - both the Smart PC and the Smart PC Pro are perfect for the premium consumer and the always on the go business user - and available in Australia from Samsung Experience Store and major retailers from next week.

6.30pm - it's safe to say most of you own a tablet - video, games, web surfing - but mostly Australians would be unwilling to swap a notebook for a tablet just yet. With an ATIV Tab we can change all that - A Windows RT tablet - the best of all worlds - 8.9mm thin and just 570g with Microsoft Office pre-installed - good to go right out of the box - pure MS Office environment and the full range of MS Office document types - nothing changed from PC docs when shared with colleagues.

Stay tuned for the launch date for our new Windows tablet.

6.32pm - Samsung for Enterprise - a pitch and push to use Samsung gear in the enterprise. Our expanding enterprise team in the experience zone can show you so much more - create, connect and collaborate.

Now, onto the main event - a video showing us "Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012" - the video is all about the Galaxy Note II - quotes from media reviews - All Things D, Phone review, CNET, Laptop magazine ... the Galaxy Note II is coming to you... showing us different cities around the world... and finally.... in Australia...!

6.33pm - Before we launched Galaxy Note in Australia earlier this year, there were smartphones and tablets but nothing in between. This is a new category for consumers - for a great experience. Recently the Note 10.1 was launched - lets us be more creative and productive - advanced features that none of our competitors have with unrivalled performance - a fantastic device, please check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

Now we're taking this exciting new category even further - the Note II. The most powerful smartphone in the marketing - to create, connect and collaborate ever more than before. As soon as you pull the S-Pen out, the buddy note appears. When you write, you'll be amazed by the precision - 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity - slightly thicker pen and a new rubber tip for an incredibly precise writing experience that feels like the real thing.

We've put all this together with new hardware - lightning fast quad core processor, 2GB of RAM - and great and exclusive Australian content and apps to their devices. Transform into a GPS device with the very popular Navigon app. Turn by turn - 5.5-inch screen - no data charges apply for Navigon - and free updates three times a year for two years. We recently celebrated 1m Navigon activations - we believe it's an outstanding feature for Note II users - but there's much, much more.

Let's start with the unparalleled viewing experience - helps you see more at a single glance - makes the overall experience more visual. you're already experienced the crystal clear view on the previous note with the previous 5.3-inch screen. Now it's 5.5-inch HD super AMOLED screen with better clarity and 16:9 screen ratio perfect for viewing videos.

Movies from Quickflix or purchased from Google Play look fantastic on the Note II.

Slimmed down bezel - even though the screen is bigger, the body of the phone is not. 9.4mm thin, only 180grams - you'll feel how lightly it sits in your hand. Long battery life? The Galaxy Note II has a 3100mAh battery - with more efficient power management.

Multitasking - you'll be able to do more. our multi-windows feature splits the screen and lets you do two things at the same time. Using the shortcut menu you can bring up apps, split the screen into two windows and run two apps at the same time. You can make one window bigger. the Shortcut menu can be placed wherever you like. You'll manage your info more efficiently while letting your creativity flow.

This is where the multi-screen feature comes in handy. Here's how the Galaxy Note II will make your life better.

6.39pm - AirView gives you a preview of various content without opening it - hold the S Pen over a calendar date and see the extra details. Just hover the S Pen over an email and see a preview bubble of what the email contents. The gallery lets you see quick pics from the library. Video player? Hover over the timeline to get a quick preview to quickly find your place in the movie or show - so you can get back to that spot after the kids took the phone to play games.

PopUp Note - Easy multitasking - you're on the phone, you need to quickly jot down and address or phone number - there's never a pen or paper around. PopUp note is the perfect solution - whip our the S Pen while you're still talking and the S Note pops up on screen - while you're on the phone.

Pop Up video as well - continue to watch video while sending email or chatting to a friend.

6.41pm - The capture feature we introduced last year was innovative and well received. It's Easy Clip - lets you make the most of any kind of info. As soon as you select an image on screen with the pen, you can email it or use it in a document. All made possible with the S Pen.

Also hand writing - think of the old fashioned diary and scheduler which some won't give up. Samsung understands those people - we think we have something for them. The S Pen powerfully fuses the beauty of the analog world with an incredibly advanced digital devices. Photo note lets you take quick notes on a picture you've taken for reference later - make a note on the back of the digital photo - it even flips the image over for you!

Another example is the S Planner - people love their diaries. With the S Pen you can recreate that experience and make it even better. Just like th paper diary or desk calendar - you can freely write in your appts and make notes about them. Quickly and easily toggle pens styles and colours - highlight or circle dates on the calendar.

We know developers will want to use all the new possibilities that go with the S Pen. That's why we have the S Pen SDK 2.2 to help strengthen the app ecosystem. We've been working closely with MANY partners since the first Galaxy Note, many more apps are coming - SketchBook, Draw Mania, Moleskin, Coach'e Eye, Fastest Painter - these are just a few of the apps listed.

6.45pm. Whether a quick note or detailed sketch - S Pen makes all the difference. Tons of accessories - pouch, batteries, covers and more.
NFC is within - the fastest growing short range comms technology - for contactless payments, data exchange and user customised smart tags.

TecTiles - Samsung's dedicated NFC solution. Users can activate settings, tasks on their phone with just a single tap. TecTiles can change phone settings or launch apps. Be sure to make use of NFC to make use of media kits.

We're launching the Note II in two fantastic colours - marble white and titanium grey - 4G device network dependent.

Available though Optus, Telstra and Vodafone on plans, as well as outright purchased from Samsung Experience store and other major retailers - AUD $899 RRP . UPDATE post live blog: due in Samsung's Experience store in Sydney from "next week" for Optus and Vodafone, although a post on Whirlpool suggests the Telstra model is arriving on the 26th or 27th of November - which is just under two weeks.

Original live blog continues:

That brings my part of the presentation to a close. Unleash your creativity with the Galaxy Note II and let the S Pen make all the difference. Thank you for joining us this evening!

6.48pm Now a video is playing. Todd Samson is back. Let's have a round of applause for the Note II. There's more power in my hand than existed in computers 30 years ago!

One last thing - we got two very different artists - we gave them a Note II and asked them to create very different works. We gave two directors Note II's to document it. Let's look at Project Create - I'm very excited,says Todd Samson.

Todd Samson at Samsung Galaxy Note II launch event

We're watching the video with people walking around, meeting friends, doing makeup - Sam Sparro and Ricki Lee are part of the video... talking about how espionage and sabotage are "cool words"... in Hollywood... driving in a car... taking photos... sharing the photo... taking stuff out of the back of  car, walking down Hollywood Blvd. Now in a studio, now on a couch... singing... candles... singing... writing on the Note II screen... singing in the studio in front of the Mic and the Note II.

Now in Sam Sparro's house... listening to the artist talking about the track they recorded... change the track to make it danicer, sped up a bit.. sounding really good but you have to wait and see says Sam.

Ok, the car's here, he says... there's movement to go .. to Sydney. To EMI's offices...Ricki-Lee's studio... she's calling Sam talk about the track... they're going over the performance... she's making a note on her Galaxy Note II screen with stylus while she's talking. "Tuesday afternoon... that'd be awesome, can't wait to see you.. have a safe trip!".

You can watch that video of the collaboration between Ricki-Lee and Sam Sparro here: (story conlcudes with some more photos below, please read on!)

Ricki-Lee is now about to digitally introduce herself and Sam Sparro on stage to sign. She says: "Now it's with great pleasure, I introduce our brand new amazing song called Ninja - we'll see you on stage", at which point she waves on screen while real-life Rickl-Lee and Sam Sparro start sing Ninja, which is being sung live on stage.

After that song finishes, Ricki-Lee then singsher new song, Burn it down - you can see a still here:

 Then Sam Sparro came on to sing a funky song of his own, here's a still of him in action:

7.04pm - Todd Samson closes the event. Now the demos are on for the assembled tech media.

Thanks for reading this live blog! More thoughts on the products I tried out in upcoming articles. 

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