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AMD, well known for its processors and ATI-branded graphics chips, has announced it will licence its graphics technology to other semiconductor manufacturers serving the handheld…
Monday, 12 February 2007 19:28

Vodafone to put Google Maps on handsets

Vodafone users will be able to pinpoint their location in Google Maps and search for local services under a deal between the mobile and internet…
Twenty-three mobile network operators have signed up for Omnifone's MusicStation, an 'all you can eat' mobile music service with a weekly subscription fee of just…
Nokia is to make its smart2go mapping and navigation software available for free download (from www.smart2go.com) and says it wil soon be available for most…
Want an iPhone? They’re on sale now, but from Cisco, not Apple, as a full page advertisement in the New York Times reminds us all,…
Touch-screens have been around for years, but get dirty, can be too sensitive, can require recalibration and need a revolution. Apple’s promising to deliver.
According to an article at Wired Blogs, Steve Jobs had similar iPhone naming problems when the Mac was originally launched, needing a US $2 million…
Although only a preliminary analysis, as iSuppli have no iPhone to hand to disassemble, as they have done with many other electronics devices, it looks…
Friday, 19 January 2007 00:54

Warning! Your cellphone is bugged

Not maybe, definitely. But we're not talking eavesdropping here, we're talking about real bugs: bacteria. Millions of them. More in fact than your average toilet…
Oh, the iPhone. Most of the world seems to love you, even though you’re unattainable. Those who have held you in their hands are surprised…




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