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Microsoft's 'Deepfish' web browser aims to provide an "as designed" view of almost any Web site within the confines of the small screens offered on…
A new flash memory chip dubbed Flex-OneNand by Samsung combines two different technologies for the first time.
Wednesday, 28 March 2007 03:50

ZenZui zooms in on mobile web users

Microsoft spinoff ZenZui aims to deliver a new way of interacting with Web content on mobile phones.
Wednesday, 28 March 2007 02:50

Yahoo opens mobile ad network

Yahoo is making a grab for advertising on mobile phones. Its new Mobile Ad Network provides syndicated advertising for publishers of mobile content and services,…
Helio's Ocean looks set to cause a major splash in the mobile phone world with a unique dual-slider design to provide a regular phone keypad…
Friday, 16 March 2007 10:55

Glide brings Macs and cellphones together

Transmedia - provider of the Glide hosted office productivity applications - has introduced a service that enables Mac users to transfer and synchronise any files…
The man who helped develop the interface for the original Apple iPod, Paul Mercer, who helped Samsung turned the Z5 mp3 player into a hit,…
Tuesday, 06 March 2007 19:50

Panasonic launches $400 wifi Skype phone

With wifi-enabled cellphones hitting the market, $US400 seems a hefty price tag for Panasonic's Skype-only wifi phone.
Apple wants to remind US viewers that the iPhone is coming in June, through a very cool 30-second spot that aired during the Academy Awards…
A new report by Compete Inc. has surveyed 379 shoppers and has discovered people are willing to pay from US $200 to $299 for the…




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