Developers can create Web 2.0 apps for the iPhone, preserving the iPhone’s security and reliability, allaying fears the iPhone would be a closed environment.
Apple plans to have three million iPhones ready for customers when the device goes on sale on June 29, according to a report.
If anyone thought the iPhone was but a phantom menace to major cell phone manufacturers, the latest iPhone clone from HTC shows the clone wars…
Tuesday, 05 June 2007 15:25

Bring on the iPhone apps!

With the iPhone running OS X, it’s really a computer instead of an mp3 phone, and now that Jobs’ resistance to third party apps seems…
The date’s been cast in stone: June 29 is the day the already legendary Apple iPhone goes on sale in the US, but as the…
So, Steve Jobs was only joking when he told Walt Mossberg the iPhone would probably launch on the last day of June – he really…
The iPhone will be here on June 30 (probably, says Jobs), and with approved third party support getting the green light and on the way,…
Will doves cry over Verizon’s attempt to up the musical ante in preparation for the iPhone onslaught, or will Verizon end up being showered with…
Samsung's new moviMCP multi-chip package for mobile phones packs 4G of flash memory with its associated controller, 128M of DRAM for the phone's CPU and…
Thursday, 31 May 2007 12:20

More iPhone clues and rumours

The iPhone rumour mill has been working overtime this week.




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