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MUST WATCH: Microsoft’s Windows 10 devices event is must-see tech TV Featured


You’ve probably heard all about Microsoft’s new phones, new Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Microsoft Band, HoloLens improvements and more, but have you watched the event?

Microsoft has come out all guns blazing in an attack not only against Apple and its range of superbly designed and completely integrated hardware and software solutions, but is also teaching its OEM partners a lesson in hardware design.

iTWire colleague Ray Shaw has written a series of articles covering all the major developments, from a launch blog-style article, a further launch review, a look at the three new Lumia phones, a first look at the Surface Pro 4, and a first look at the new Surface Book

Ray has done a great job looking at each device, covering its specs and sharing his opinion on Microsoft’s successes in bringing these products to market which should ignite a real passion and desire amongst Windows users for everything that was on offer - and it’s definitely worth clicking on all of the links above for more information if you haven't already. 

There are also plenty of write-ups across the Internet you may have already devoured. There are even shortened versions of the event, which purport to show you all the important stuff in 9 minutes.

However… why not watch the full video itself? Yes, it is 1 hour, 47 minutes and 22 seconds.

That’s the length of a movie, but as with Apple Keynote events, it’s definitely one worth watching for yourself, which you can do at your leisure here.

I read somewhere recently that most people don’t watch the keynotes various companies put on, but hey, if you’re interested in tech, they are great spectacles, a great insight into each company concerned, and, in my books at least, must watch events!

I’ll have plenty more to say in a future article on the event, but one thing I noticed in the video for the Surface Pro 4 is something that wasn’t on screen during the Microsoft Windows 10 Devices event.

You can see the video for yourself below, but it’s the amazing looking fingerprint reader on the Surface Pro 4 keyboard, something many had expected Apple would have included in its MacBook range by now, but hasn’t as yet.

For whatever reason, the video notes in fine print that the ‘Fingerprint reader is available in US only’, which is shown in the image at the top of this article.

Given that the fingerprint reader is a part of the Surface Pro 4 keyboard, which is also compatible with the Surface Pro 3, it makes me wonder whether there will be fingerprint reader-free models for the rest of the world - despite the fact anyone can order online these days.

I also wonder precisely how Microsoft will stop people outside the US getting the fingerprint recognition benefits, unless the software simply refuses to run on Surface models not geo-located in the US, which seems weird.

Hopefully Microsoft has an answer soon and can clear this US-only business up, I’ll have to ask them!

In the meantime, here’s the Surface Pro 4 YouTube video so you can see for yourself:

So… a pretty damn amazing line-up of products from Microsoft designed to seriously challenge Apple, Google and all the smartphone, tablet and PC makers across the planet.

The bar has been raised, and it will be fascinating to see how everyone else responds.

More later!


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