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Atlas Shrugged and delivers 15.6-inch Kogan Win 8.1 laptop for $329 Featured


Kogan shrugs off expensive laptop prices by delivering the Atlas X1510, an Intel-powered full size laptop with more than impressive enough features at an impressively low $329 price from mid-December - details within that you'll want to look up!

You don’t need to be an objectivist to objectively see the value that Kogan’s new Windows 8.1 with Bing-powered laptop is delivering to the Australian marketplace.

It’s Kogan’s latest mobile fountainhead since he sold netbooks a few years back, but instead of something small, Kogan has delivered to we the living something big, with the only small thing being the price.

It really is all part of Kogan’s anthem - quality at low prices. I guess you could say it is for the new intellectual - or anyone really - who sees the virtue of selfishness from the sweetly selfish point of view of keeping more money in your own pocket, rather than putting it in Gerry Harvey’s, or heck, even Joe Hockey's.

Look, I don’t intend writing any kind of romantic manifesto over the value of value. After all, overly philosophising over this kind of stuff - who needs it?

I think I’ll just have to use the voice of reason when examining the merits of Kogan’s Atlas X1510, a quad-core Intel Pentium N3540 with 2.16GHz of processing power, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, a 500GB 5400RPM hard drive, 802.11 B/G/N/AC wireless capability, an impressive four USB 3.0 ports, Gigaibit Ethernet and a removable 4 cell 32W battery promising up to 9.5 hours of life.

There’s also features such as HDMI and VGA out, a 2.1kg weight, Intel HD graphics, a 15.6-inch screen with 1366 x 768 16:9 screen, a 9-in-1 memory card slot compatible with all the important SD card formats and more, HD audio speakers and a front facing 0.3 megapixel webcam.

Yes, Kogan has chosen to use the free Windows 8.1 with Bing version of Windows 8, which means it has the Bing search engine baked into it, although I’m guessing nothing stops you from visiting Google.com as often as you want from whichever browser you want.

Kogan promises that it is ‘the perfect combination of power and price for the office, school or university’, boasting that ‘you won’t find any competitors with these great features for under $350.

Kogan also states the laptop aims ‘to create a great computing experience with powerful software that is affordable for all Australians, and doesn’t rely on end of line components.’

Ruslan Kogan himself, the CEO and founder of the cleverly eponymous Kogan.com notes that this is the Windows laptop his customers ‘have been waiting a while for’, mixing great value with great specs, and said: “There’s now no excuse for why every school kid in Australia shouldn’t have a laptop and be given the tools to discover that the Great Wall of China was not built to keep the rabbits out.

“Our new Atlas X1510 may be priced at just $329, but we have made sure it includes the highest spec level available at that price point.

“Inside we have put one of the latest Intel CPUs, 4GB of RAM, a 500GB HDD and it comes with a High Definition 15.6” screen. We haven’t skimped on the features that will make this the perfect laptop for work, school or university. There are plenty of cheap, runout, laptops available in Australia but we wanted to do more than just stuff a few mediocre features in to hit a price point. 

“The Kogan Atlas X1510 is about value computing all around. It has a great design, great specs and great price which we believe Australian consumers will love.”

If only Kogan’s laptop was available in 2009 when former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was promising a laptop for every child, but delivering underpowered 2009-era Atom netbooks to kids instead, all of which are but expensive ruddy paperweights today.

Kogan even manages to shrug up yet another small discount for his customers promising a $15 discount on Office 365 when it is purchased at the same time as the Atlas X1510 laptop.

He even managed to get a comment out of Microsoft Australia, with its Senior Product Marketing Manager of Windows Consumer, Andy Malakooti stating that: “We are excited to partner with Kogan.com on this brand new value Windows 8.1 laptop. With the Kogan Atlas X1510 consumers can access the best of Windows 8.1 running with powerful specs at a very competitive price.”

The big question however is whether you’ll be able to get one for Christmas. While Kogan’s press release states the laptop will ship in ‘mid-December’, this is one area where Kogan slightly stretches the truth just a tad, as the website itself notes it will only ship on 22 December, which is more mid-to-late December than mid.

It’s also smack back in the chaos of Christmas deliveries, which could push back actual delivery to a post-Christmas timeframe, likely before the end of 2014, although it would still arrive well before the 2015 school season starts in late January and early February.

Shipping is also a small cost to factor in, although at $19 for shipping to Sydney and Melbourne postcodes that I typed in, this is a cost you’ll surely shrug off as worth paying.

For all the details and zero Ayn Rand puns, head on over to Kogan’s Atlas X1510 website here. 


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