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Collins brings the world to the iPad & iPhone, in 3D, with new atlas app

  • 19 October 2012
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Publisher Collins has produced a new atlas app for iOS that "allowing users to explore the world as never before through a collection of interactive 3-D globes draped in visual data."

Atlas by Collins costs $10.49 from the app store and gives users "access to more than 200,000 locations such as cities, landmarks and natural features, all of which can be discovered while offline."

It includes seven 'free' globes (others will be available to purchase later0 with themes such as politics, energy and the environment. "The app gives users the ability to change their view of the world with the swipe of a finger, to see, for example, which countries consume the most oil or have the highest rate of Internet use. Each globe can be viewed from space to street level using pinch and scroll functionality," Collins says.

The app has been developed by Collins Geo - the cartographic team behind The Times Atlas of the World - in partnership with Other Media, developers of the Wonders of the Universe app.

According to Sheena Barclay, managing director of the Collins Geo Division. "For the first time, the Apple platform provides the processing power and functionality to bring a world-class Atlas app to people all over the planet. Apple device owners can now see the world in context and keep up-to-date with it as it evolves."

The seven themed globes included with the app are: a satellite map, 3-D maps display physical features such as oceans, mountains and deserts; political maps; environment; population; communications and energy.

New globes covering UNESCO World Heritage sites, world economy, climate change and global development are already in the works and will be available through in-app purchases, Collins says.

The app's website,www.atlasbycollins.com will provide support and updates and be a forum for users to suggest themes for future globes. The site also features videos and other information about the app.


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