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More slices of Raspberry Pi now available to buy

The initial supply constraints that affected the launch of the now famously inexpensive Raspberry Pi computer meant lengthy delays in delivery, and while those delays are much shorter, you can now order as many slices and units of the Rapsberry Pi computer that you desire.

Ah, the Raspberry Pi Linux-powered computer, so small and inexpensive that it doesn’t even come with a case – although these can now be ordered as well.

We last look at the Pi when it soft-launched in the Australian market, where we hoped it would “re-birth an era of Woz-like super creativity”, even though we saw some comments from dust-collecting dimwit doubters who idiotically presumed to pooh-pooh the concept.

However, now that the Pi has been out for some time, cooling after the baking so to speak, a new blog post has emerged from Raspberry Pi HQ to state that the previous ordering limits of one Pi per person has now been lifted, letting you order as many pieces of Pi as you’d like.

According to the blog posting, demand is still high for the Pi, but the Pi’s manufacturing partners have ramped up production to an extent that 4000 are being built daily, with both RS Components and element14/Premier Farnell happy to take your orders.

The blog post notes that this means schools and businesses wanting the Pi in larger quantities can finally get them, although as one of the blog post commenters notes, delivery times are currently set to be 4 to 5 weeks, if not a bit longer, with this delivery time to be updated on a live basis when you place your order.  

So, the dream of the inexpensive computer that students can learn to program, control and create with can finally be achieved by any school with the foresight to order some Pi, in addition to all those engineers and businesses who are also wanting to play with the Pi’s inexpensive computing solution.

Perhaps the world will finally see the true re-birth of youth-led super-creativity at last, rather than our youth becoming expert at PlayStations, Xbox 360s, Nintendos or iGames and little else.


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