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The tablet computing device of the decade thus far is the iPad 2, even though most of it was developed and designed in the last decade, and while the Android Army dearly wishes it could annihilate the iPad 2, Apple is giving a lot of angst to the dastardly droids.

With the iPad 2 the tableteering phenomenon of the year, even though most of the year is yet to unfold before us, we took an earlier look at the 'The best top 10 reasons to buy an iPad 2'.

There we looked at issues like the competitive pricing, thinness and lightness, the improved hardware, battery, the iPad's software library which includes some iPad 2 exclusives, the Smart Cover, the cameras, the jailbreakability (if so desired), the amazing legal digital media content at the app store, the availability and the HDMI mirroring the iPad 2 now offers.

Now, without further ado, without bidding adieu, here's 10 more top 10 reasons to buy an iPad 2 for ye, thee and you.

Reason one: It's the tablet the tablerati, digerati, blogerati and developers are using to develop the next tablet experiences. Yes, there might be a few things happening in the Android space, but the iPad 2 is where the action is at. Chances are, if you want to see it, play it first, experience it first, or accessorise the most snazzily first, you'll see it first on an iPad 2.

Reason number two is the iPad's super easy connectibility to an external Bluetooth keyboard and the growing range of third party Bluetooth keyboards and iPad/iPad 2 cases with Bluetooth keyboards built in. Although other tablets have Blutetooth keyboard capabilities, too, if you wanted a real keyboard, it's something Apple has encouraged and made available since day one - in both fixed and wireless versions.

Reason number 3 is the choice of two colours. Most tablet makers still only offer their iClones in the same colour as the Model T Ford: black. Apple now gives you a choice of two colours, and if you're still not happy, there's more ways to customise your iPad 2 than for any other tablet, from the widest range of authorised and unauthorised third-party accessory makers.

Reason number 4 is the ability to use the VGA iPad connector to mirror your iPad 2's screen - and not just the HDMI connector. Apple at first said the HDMI connector was the way to mirror, but reports online say the VGA adapter does the same thing on the iPad 2, too - total mirroring and not just selected video out as with the iPad 1. If only mirroring worked on the iPad 1, too!

Reason number 5 is the superior screen. The iPad 2 still has the best screen in the business, with the widest viewing angles around. The iPad 1 screen was brilliant, and while there's no higher resolution, the iPad 2's screen is still a massive winner.

Reason number 6 is Apple's incredible accessibility features, giving the blind and the hard-of-seeing the very best accessibility features in the business. Voiceover functionality and a built-in second UI nagivation mechanism along with all the sounds that iDevices make to let you know they're on or off out the iPad 2 head and shoulders above all the competition - and you don't need to be blind or nearly blind to take advantage of the iPad 2's accessibility features if you want to use them yourself!

Reason number 7 is regular, reliable iOS operating system updates. Apple doesn't dawdle when it comes to new iOS updates, they come on a regular basis and often add new features while fixing security or other bugs. And, unless your iDevice is just way too old for an update, Apple's updates are generally available for its entire product range, from day one of the update's release - not six months later (or not at all).

Resason number 8 is developers pushing the boundaries and delivering surprise new apps that push the iPad in ways it wasn't pushed before. Rage HD was a mega smash hit, and new smash hits just keep on coming for the iPad 2, plus Apple itself loves to work on surprise new first-party apps, like iMovie and Garageband.

Reason number 9 is because the iPad 2 has the simplest, easiest and most user friendly interface of them all, the most consistency, the most language compatibility, right down to complex Asian languages requiring characters to be written on-screen with your finger. It all just works.

Reason number 10 is because of Apple's stunning customer service. If something goes wrong, no other company offers as reassuring or advanced a customer service team at its own Apple Stores, complete with 'Geniuses' at its Genius Bar, many of whom go above and beyond the call of duty, often even after a warranty period has expired.

If something goes wrong with your Apple device, whatever that device is, Apple has the best customer service in the business.

If these reasons - or the original 'best top 10 reasons to buy an iPad 2' aren't enough for you, then your Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Tab, HP WebOS, RIM Playbook or Windows tablet awaits!



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