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Did a Reuters 'eyewitness' root out a visual on an iPad 2?

Stop the presses! Extra, extra, read all about it! Read what? Read that roving eyewitness who may or may not be with Reuters, perhaps other than being in the same room as a Reuters journalist, saw an actual iPad 2 - but unicorns and fluffy puppies weren't also in attendance.

Quick! What was that?! Is it a plane? A bird? No'¦ it's an iPad with what looks like a long-expected front-facing camera. That must mean it's an iPad 2!

That's pretty much all we got from the Reuters report, which only really had a couple of salient sentences.

The report tells us that 'A Reuters eyewitness saw what appeared to be a working model of the next iPad with a front-facing camera at the top edge of the glass screen at a press conference to mark the debut of News Corp's Daily online paper in New York on Wednesday.'

Then Reuters goes on to quote a source, presumably someone 'familiar with the matter' as the New York Times likes to say, who 'confirmed its existence' while adding that 'the final release model could have other features'.

Wow. Like what, a third camera? Perhaps they're talking about the improved speaker, a dual-core processor, more RAM, a second 30-pin dock port, a potential new iOS 5.0 that will whip Android OS 3.0's posterior, a more powerful battery and other much-desired features?

If so, the Reuters source didn't say, although you'll be pleased to know that 'the final release model could have other features'.

The wholly expected commentary from Apple or News Corp? A big fat zero as they 'declined to comment' - but as noted, would you expect anything different?

What is interesting is if Apple did indeed sneak an iPad 2 into the mix to see if anyone would notice - or if a potentially soon-to-be-fired employee did so behind Steve Jobs' back.

If so, Apple is clearly having fun with the press, and is enjoying its latest round of free publicity - again without having had to do a thing. Well, beyond helping News Corp design the iPad's first custom-designed electronic newspaper, with an eye-catching design that could well point to UI elements in the highly anticipated but as unavailable iOS 5.0.

Sadly, as has been noted 'round the web, despite the launch of The Daily containing a room full of presumably camera-equipped smartphone wielding journalists, no-one with a camera was able to take a photo of said iPad 2, a photo which would have unleashed a torrent of claims that the supposed camera might have been just a reflective bit of glare from an overhead light, or was photoshopped in to give the digerati/blogerati/twitterati something new to obsess about.


The intrigue continues on page two, please take your front facing cameras and read on!


Another interesting tid-bit in Reuters' report is that it says the iPad 2 could still be months away.

This goes up against a raft of rumours suggesting a February launch date for an actual April release, although with all of February and March to go, along with likely much of April, the 'months away' tag could still be accurate enough.

Apple must be watching the Google Android OS 3.0 'Honeycomb' news with interest, and must have poured over the Android 3.0 video demo, one which showed a very cool multitouch interface that appears to easily out-do the iPad's current UI.

This kind of advance for Android has been highly expected, given all the work Apple has done on revolutionising the multi-touch UI, which thus leads us to expect a radical overhaul for iOS 5.0 that will not only knock everyone's socks off, but will also retain the legendary ease-of-use that Apple has consistently delivered for years on its iOS platforms, let online its original Mac OS hardware and software.

So'¦ the iPad 2 may, or may not, have been spotted at the launch of News Corp's new 'Daily', but whether it was a true-blue iPad 2, or not, we know the iPad's successor is definitely on the way, and against the likes of the Motorola Xoom or LG's new 3D-capable tablet, let alone those from HP, RIM and everyone else, everyone is expecting it to be more than just another upgrade, but something truly amazing.

If anyone can deliver on that expectation, it's Apple. The iPad 2 can't just be like the iPhone 3G, which was really just an iPhone 2G with a 3G chip inside and little more.

The iPad 2 has to knock us to the floor, throw us out the door, make us temporarily poor and leave us with the allure of still wanting more. Can Apple do it, even sans Steve Jobs at the helm?

Sure it can - and we expect it to do so with quite a roar!



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