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Kevin Rose and the iPad 2 prediction


Kevin Rose, of Digg fame, has pronounced a pretty prediction: that the iPad 2 will be announced 'in the next 3-4 weeks', although whether any announcement will see a quick segue into availability is still anyone's guess.

Kevin Rose, the famous Digg-er and Apple prognosticator, has made a pronouncement at his blog.

It's all about the iPad 2, which has been the subject of much speculation over the past couple of months, firstly because an iPad successor is naturally expected, secondly because of the expected flood of tablets at CES which would all be seen as iPad competitors, if not iPad killers, with that flood of tablets having been on show if not yet actually available, and thirdly because everyone loves to speculate about Apple's next product launches, whatever and whenever they may be.

In Mr Rose's blog post, which was first published in his 'Foundation Newsletter', he states that he has it 'on good authority that Apple will be announcing the iPad 2 in the next "3-4 weeks", possibly Tuesday February 1st.'

Obviously this could even mean a late January announcement from Apple, although Mr Rose himself seems to point to February being the most likely month any potential announcement will happen.

Mr Rose adds that 'the iPad 2 will feature a retina display and front/back cameras', although in an update, he clarifies that 'another source' claimed that the iPad 2 display wouldn't be a 'retina display' as with the iPhone 4, but would still have a 'higher DPI', thus leading to sharper graphics and text - should this rumoured feature actually eventuate.

Mr Rose advises: 'If you're thinking of buying an iPad, hold off for now.'

Naturally this advice is completely useless for the millions that purchased an iPad as a Christmas gift for the holiday season that has just passed.

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However, even if millions of iPads were sold, there will still have been many people that either waited until 2011 for financial reasons, or for common sense reasons through not wanting to purchase something that would shortly be superseded by a brand new model.

However, just because Kevin Rose had made a prediction thanks to his anonymous sources, it does not automatically follow that the prediction will come true.

Although Apple does work in mysterious ways, the prediction could backfire by not coming true, or could even see Apple purposefully changing the date of any iPad 2 announcement, even if it was originally planned for this timeframe.

There's also no guarantee whatsoever that any iPad 2 announcement will see a quick flow of iPad 2 models into retail stores.

That said, if the iPad 2 is announced, quick delivery into retail stores would make sense, simply because few would want to buy the iPad 1 if they officially know the iPad 2 is coming on a particular date - unless Apple generously dropped prices in anticipation of the iPad 2's arrival.

So'¦ whether the Kevin Rose iPad 2 prediction ends up being true, or not, one thing is certain: whether Apple calls its next iPad the iPad 2 or not, an iPad update is definitely coming.

If history is any guide, April will be the true timeframe for release, complete with long queues outside Apple Stores for those who want to be first to own an iPad 2 - despite all the hoopla about Android 'Honeycomb' OS 3.0 and tablets set to use it like Motorola's Xoom and plenty more due this year!



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