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Skype: going up and down like a freakin' yoyo

Actually, it's worse than that, as Skype ends up staying down for hours, and only coming up for air for what appears to be seconds at a time, letting a message or two through and then returning to the 'Grey Twirl of Doom'.

Earlier today we brought you the news that all Skype users already knew: Skype is having its most serious outage since 2007 and although the fix is supposedly in, Skype's connectivity is flakier than a snowstorm in Alaska.

Every now and then, Skype comes back online, with the Grey Twirl of Doom turning into the much loved Green Tick of Connectivity, and a message or two squeaking through, but as Kermit the Frog always said, it ain't easy being green.

The problem was noticed at Skype HQ with the number of connected users dropping like flies, in what was an unexpected manner, and it has seen Skype's 'supernodes' go offline, with Skype scrambling to create "mega-supernodes" to get everyone back online.

Skype has been communicating via its Twitter page which not-so-helpfully tells us 'Skype returning to normal'.

What's weird about Skype's Twitter page is that it says the latest message was posted 'less than 20 seconds ago via CoTweet', but this is blatantly false as that message has been up for hours.

Clearly the incorrect timing of the tweeted message has nothing to do with Skype, but it must be misleading a lot of people who think that the message was 'only just posted' when in fact it's been there for a long time, with Skype still 'not returning to normal' at all.

Skype's blog still lists the same message, too - you'd think perhaps another update of some kind would be appropriate.

Anyway - Skype will obviously get its sh'¦ stuff sorted soon enough. Hopefully the Skype problem is not due to a cyber-attack, something that is a very real possibility seeing as it has gone on for so long now.

In the meantime we just have to wait, using 'old-school' technologies like email, mobile phones and landlines'¦ or Skype-alternatives that must be enjoying a very unexpected traffic boost from Skype's current misfortunes.



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