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Bill Morrow is awfully good at finding excuses to paper over the failings of the corporation he heads – the NBN Co. The list of differences he has drawn up between the broadband rollout in Australia and New Zealand, to argue that comparing the two rollouts is unfair, is not all hot air, but there are holes here and there.

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Under pressure with each passing day as the number of complaints about the NBN mount, the head of NBN Co, Bill Morrow has attempted to deflect some of the criticism levelled at the rollout by those who compare it to the New Zealand network which is progressing without any major hitch.

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Why has the Australian Government set up, at great expense to the taxpayer, a standing committee on the national broadband network? Simple. It is a way of convincing people that the government is seized of the importance of the NBN and at the same time defending the cock-eyed policy it has on the rollout.

Published in Open Sauce
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