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Apple fans prefer to Wii

A recent survey has found that iPhone and iPad users prefer Nintendo's Wii, and play video games for more than 25 hours per week.

NPolls created a survey with 3,035 iPhone/iPod/iPad users worldwide, concluding Nintendo Wii is the most popular among all game consoles, with 51% of users.

This Poll was made with the NPolls iOS App between 19 and 20 of January, at a worldwide level, with the objective to study overall gaming habits. Interesting results emerged from 76 countries (US and Europe are 83% of answers), all respondents with different annual income, ages and occupations.

Nintendo Wii is the most popular console with 51% of users telling NPolls they own this game console, followed by Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and Nintendo DS.

58% of users told NPolls that they own more than one game console system, and 22% own more than 3 different game consoles.

Users seem to find Xbox360 and PS3 as the best consoles in the market. On the opposite, Xbox, PSP, DS and PS2, are considered the worst. Nintendo Wii is ranked in the middle.

In regards to video games, action games are the most popular to play (70%), followed by adventure games (61%) and strategy games (51%). Casino and educational games are less favoured with a small percentage of 12% and 13% among our users.

On average, respondents reported playing video games for 28 hours per week, and spending 34 USD per month for games.

iPhone and iPod Touch are highly preferred in terms of game utilisation (4,2 rate in an 1-5 scale). 83% of people claim they have bought games straight from their iOS devices, and 72% declare using the Apple Game Center.

Analysing the data more carefully, it was learned that action games are most popular with students, with 76% preferring this category of games.

Nintendo Wii is more popular in the USA in comparison to the rest of the world. In fact, 57% of Americans who answered to the poll own a Nintendo Wii, while the percentage is only 45% in Europe. Sony PS3 is the opposite in terms of popularity, with only 33% of users in USA declaring they have one.

The sample is made of 3.035 IOs device owners on the 19th to 20th of January 2011.

- 53% are from USA, 30% from Europe and 17% from the rest of the world
- 71% are men and 29% are women
- 17% are less than 15 years old, 39% are 15 to 24, 34% are 25 to 39 and 10% are 40 years or older
- 48% have an annual income below 10.000 USD and 52% above 10.000 USD


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