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iPad to get iPorn and/or 'explicit' apps?

A news report says that the iPad app store will soon get an 'explicit' section into which the semi-adult and explicit content that was recently cleansed from the iPhone app store will go into.

Although the iPhone and iPod Touch has had its fair share of childish fart apps and wiggly bouncy bits apps, Apple's recent move to clean up the iPhone app store and remove a lot of apps deemed 'explicit' raised the eyebrows, at least, of some, while deflating the expectations of others. 

Explicit content that is properly age rated helps keep the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad a family friendly device for all age groups in the family - especially if parents and guardians take the time to appropriately restrict features and capabilities in the iDevices as the mobile Apple OS allows, complete with passcode lock to prevent the kids from changing the settings themselves.

The Mac News Network has some details on this, linked to from the Mac Stories website which claims to have links and screenshots to blank 'explicit' sections within iTunes.

These are meant to be 'Top Explicit Paid Apps' and 'Top Explicit iPad Apps', and if it's all true, there'll likely be a 'Top Explicit Free Apps' section at some time, too.

Mac Stories has updated its story to say the links in question are now no longer working, but if there is indeed any truth to the stories, future iPad owners who want to get their explicit on will soon theoretically be able to get their iPad on, their apps in and their explicit out.

Explicit, of course, has a range of different meanings, so there's no guarantee any actual pornographic apps will ever make it to the iPad app store, but anyone wanting that kind of content on their iPhones is reportedly already well catered for by a range of iPhone compatible porn sites that will no doubt be iPad compatible, too.


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In semi-related news it is reported that iPad apps will cost more than iPhone and iPod Touch apps, but given the pretty intense price competition the app store has already displayed, what might start off at a higher price today could easily be at a lower price tomorrow.


The iPhone app store already has apps at far keener prices than seen on competing app platforms such as the Nokia Ovi store or various Windows Mobile stores, and judging by the number of apps and the volume of developers that have flocked to Apple's platform, it's clear that such competition has only increased the number of apps on the Apple app store, and despite lots of quantity, has increased the quality, as well.

Apple's app store is the store to be in right now, whether it's the iPhone or the iPad, and while competitors slowly catch up, it's clear to see where the current momentum lies.

All I can say is... long live competition, and may everyone's app stores grow!


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