Sunglass wearing fashion designer Alex Perry has a new hotel and apartments in Brisbane, and he has chosen Ruckus Wireless smart Wi-Fi network for telephony…
Optus Wi-Fi services have been deployed at two flagship shopping centres of the Mirvac property group in New South Wales and Queensland.
Just like Telstra routers can be turned into public Telstra Air hotspots, so too is this phenomenon exploding around the world from a variety of…
Linksys says MU-MIMO is the key to realising the full potential of the Wi-Fi 802.11ac spectrum especially as new end-point devices start to support it.
The Audi Centre Sydney has installed Tomizone’s Lightswitch Portal and Dashboard, meaning a managed service that delivers free Wi-Fi to Audi Centre Sydney customers. 
Perfect for streaming 4K video, no game lag due to an inbuilt games accelerator, and AirRadar beamforming make this one to covet.
It’s not just Australian airlines that Inmarsat wants to provide satellite-based connectivity to, but connected ships sailing the ocean’s seas, too.
In November last year, NBN Co was predicting airlines might get connectivity via Ka-band NBN satellites in 2015-16 and now here comes Inmarsat.
Apple’s most recent iOS 9 update gives iPhone and iPad users a new feature – WiFi Assist – but it also brings with it a…
Saturday, 07 November 2015 07:37

Belkin and Linksys a good fit

When Belkin bought Linksys in 2013 it became much more than an accessory maker. After a year of bedding in the merger and developing new…

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