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Following the media frenzy over the Apple iPhone's exposé for supposedly tracking users' movements, it might be unwise to point out the obvious.
Both iiNet CEO Michael Malone and AFACT Executive Director Neil Gane summed the trial and appeal perfectly in two short quotes. Both demonstrate that AFACT…
Just because someone has a secret, doesn't mean that others agree to keep it. Far from it. And conversely just because you know someone's secret…
Monday, 22 November 2010 17:47

Rebels without a clue?

The recent furore around the Internet regarding "The Cook," "The Thief," and well, you know the rest... has been interesting to observe. On the Internet…
Sunday, 10 October 2010 00:03

Today is Douglas Adams Day

Today is the one day in a century that we can truly celebrate the writer, futurist and environmental activist, Douglas Adams. No other writer in…
On early results, it seems that the new Australian Federal Parliament will have around 72 or 73 seats for each of the two major parties…
AFACT's appeal against their loss in the iiNet copyright infringement case commenced in the Federal Court today. It would appear that they are presenting the…
It would seem that in spite of the major improvements that Windows 7 made over the disaster that was Vista, the upgrades are still not…
There is no truth to the following iPhone 4 rumour. In fact, I created it.
It would seem that Senator Conroy is on a mission to shut down the courts. First step is the Internet filter - with that in…




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