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So says the latest world-wide survey by Unisys that takes a bi-annual look at the security attitudes of people around the world.
Late this afternoon First State Super made its first public statement on the so-called hacking scandal. With zero contrition.
Panasonic has announced a marketing campaign for its new Blu-ray recorders. They will prank an 'unwitting' Sydney man every day for a month.Ah huh...
What goes, "pieces of seven, pieces of seven?"
Wednesday, 14 September 2011 21:15

The terrorists have won

The tale you are about to read will (I hope) make you sick to your stomach. Reading this tale will make it abundantly clear that…
I was totally flabbergasted at today's news that Monash City Council was receiving resistance to a simple biometric application for time-and-attendance monitoring. Wake up people,…
I read with some interest of the 'stuff-up' at New Zealand telco 2degrees where a software upgrade caused calls and SMSs to be delivered to…
The strident calls over the past couple of days for the owners, directors, staff and tea-lady at DistributeIT to be hung up by their "pink…
After the tweeting underpants incident, Congressman Anthony Weiner has finally decided to resign. And guess who has offered him a job!
In an on-again-off-again saga, Congressman Weiner finally admits his (ahem) wiener was indeed the filling in the tweeted underpants.



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