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The prevailing attitude right across the Internet is that the user pays their ISP; everything else is free.  Wrong!
Sunday, 19 July 2009 18:51

It's the Internet, Stupid.

Based on the Linux kernel, Google Chrome OS attempts to reposition Linux a long way from being a Windows competitor.
What to do if every publisher you can find rejects your manuscript?
Wednesday, 10 June 2009 09:46

Pirate Bay 'Bias' Appeal Fails

According to the Stockholm District Court, Judge Tomas Norström was not biased and therefore that component of the Pirate Bay appeal has failed.
Microsoft's automated update facility is a wonderful thing.  It applies patches to all kinds of Microsoft packages.  Oddly, it recently also tried to pwn Firefox.David…
Sophos' Endpoint Assessment Test is available for anyone to run on their PC for free.  Today, Sophos has made available a limited view of the…
SMS spam is alive and well.  Just don't expect to actually get the promised money.
This morning's opening of the latest Apple Store brought the usual 'cast of thousands' out of the woodwork.  Some even had a story to tell.
Tuesday, 05 May 2009 17:11

EFA receives a 'Take Down' notice

Earlier today, the ISP hosting the Electronic Frontiers Australia website was served with a "Final Link-Deletion Notice" – Australia's equivalent of a "take-down notice" by…
The current Labor Government has started the same 'sneaky legislation' methods pioneered by the previous Liberal Government.  This time, they're about to pass legislation to…




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