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Proof Finder, philanthropic eDiscovery software from Nuix, available for only three more weeks - ends February 8, 2012

By Mike Doman

Proof Finder is a limited edition release of Nuix's eDiscovery software that enables lawyers and investigators to handle small cases, priced at just $100 annually, with 100 per cent of proceeds going to the charity Room to Read.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - January 23, 2012'” Nuix, an Australian-based, worldwide provider of eDiscovery and information management technologies, today announced to the industry that there are just three weeks left to download its philanthropic, small-case eDiscovery solution, Proof Finder.  All proceeds from Proof Finder will be donated to the charity Room to Read, which helps to educate children in developing countries.

With Proof Finder, forensic investigators, lawyers, law enforcement and in-house information managers can install the program, create a case, point Proof Finder to the data and begin processing in less than five minutes.  Once the data is processed you can perform simple and complex searches in seconds.  Proof Finder is designed to work on a fully expanded data set of up to 10GB.

Since going on sale, Proof Finder has been used in a variety of different and interesting ways for making electronic investigations faster and more cost-effective. Some examples include:

· Mapping out a suspect's communications network in minutes.

At the beginning of an investigation you can save a lot of time if you know exactly where to start. Who does your individual of interest communicate with the most?  Proof Finder's 'Network' button looks at your suspect's email and maps their most important social contacts quickly.

· Performing forensic triage

Proof Finder can be used to preview a forensic image quickly to identify all the relevant email folders and start your processing. Is this financial case? Click on the spreadsheets button. Is this an intellectual property leakage? Quickly identify the personal email addresses and attachments. You don't need to do any carving up of data sets or other preparation.  Just point Proof Finder to the files and begin processing.

· View all images as thumbnails.

Proof Finder's thumbnail view of images presents all image types, whether zipped or compressed, allowing for quick review. This has been helpful for many types of cases, including complex identity theft and intellectual property investigations.

Proof Finder's speed, accuracy and ease of use has proved to be popular with many users. Sensei Enterprises Inc., a US-based firm that offers computer forensics and electronic discovery consultancy services, has used multiple Proof Finder licenses to assist in its operations.

'No other eDiscovery software can do what Proof Finder can do at the speed, accuracy and value for money it represents,' said Jesse M. Lindmar, Director of Computer Forensics at Sensei.  'Going forward, we wouldn't think of processing any email without Nuix or Proof Finder.'

Sensei purchased three copies of Proof Finder for its team of investigators, who have saved time and money on a number of high-profile email investigations. More customer testimonials, industry reviews, blogs and podcasts are available on the Proof Finder website at

With only 1000 licenses available until February 8, eDiscovery professionals and investigators interested in purchasing Proof Finder must act quickly or miss out.

On January 27, Nuix will be providing a Webinar on Proof Finder to ILTA members, which features an exclusive demonstration of the software as well as a Q&A session.


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