Tuesday, 06 March 2012 12:07

Muli Announces Ngipi PLUS Project Accounting for Commercial Contractors

By John Whitty

Established Project Accounting Software developer, Muli, launches new entry level product for Contractors

Muli Management Pty Ltd, an Australian software developer of construction accounting solutions, today announced the launch of Ngipi PLUS, a project accounting software solution targeted at smaller commercial contractors.

The launch comes less than 12 months after the successful release of Ngipi in July 2011. According to Managing director Ron Skeoch, 'the launch of Ngipi  was well received by Contractors in the Construction Industry as it gave them a low cost entry into purpose built project accounting software. But in keeping the price low we had omitted our Payroll module and we found that Subcontractors in particular were disadvantaged - so today we've created a new offering'.

Ngipi PLUS again uses a key subset of Muli's programs to manage  Project Budgets, Variations, Orders,  Contract Correspondence, Project Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger. But now Ngipi PLUS users also have Payroll, Subcontractors and Small Jobs.

The company's flagship product, 'Muli', is an established benchmark for  integrated construction accounting software and is one of the very few Construction Accounting packages in the world where every module, function, report and feature was conceived with the idiosyncrasies of the construction industry in mind. Requirements such as Retentions, Bank Guarantees, Progress Claims, Risk Management, and Security of Payments Act Compliance.

Muli is also designed from the Project Manager's perspective as Muli recognises that it is the Project Managers who make the decisions that ensure that profit emerges from their projects - whether they are based on Lump Sum Contracts or Construction Management Contracts. So Muli focuses on project costing, project reviews, the management of subcontracts and the approval of progress claims.

'Today, with Ngipi PLUS, we are assisting those on lesser budgets to have the same advantage of using industry specific software that introduces processes and disciplines to lessen the risks and give their start-up business a better chance of survival.'

Ngipi PLUS project accounting will be supplied only as a Hosted 2 User Licence, as this is ideal for the start-up phase until business growth demands additional staff. By using a hosted solution new ventures avoid the expense of server hardware, network management  and the effort associated with software updates and regular data backups.

As Ngipi users grow they can take advantage of the full Muli product and use the same database without having to convert files or retrain staff - the only visible difference being the background colour and logo on the screen plus of course the extra menu choices available. When they move to the full Muli product they can also opt for an in-house server if that's their preferred deployment option.


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