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Friday, 12 March 2010 02:58

Loggerheads vs. Fishing: Why compromise can work

The loggerhead turtles may become listed as an endangered species in the United States, but such status is being contested by the maritime and fishing industries. Learn more about what each side says, and why compromise may be the answer.

According to the iTWire article 'Loggerhead turtles may get endangered tag,' 'The NOAA and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have teamed up to propose the loggerhead turtle be placed on the endangered-species listing while in the waters surrounding the United States.'

However, at the same time, an opposing camp, the maritime and fishing industries are saying that such a listing is unnecessary for the loggerhead turtle species.

Please read the iTWire article in more detail to learn about both sides of the issue. Many other articles also exist that help to inform us on the situation being played out--with the loggerhead turtles stuck in the middle.

It is unfortunate that this scenario is played out time and time again for various situations.

One side against the other'”with little room seen for compromising and both sides unwilling to budge on their position and to listen to the other side.

Just how many times do we, the public, hear and see this happening day after day, and year after year?

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Two sides in this case'”one business and one environment'”are unwilling to reach a voluntary solution to a perceived problem for the benefit of both sides.

Then, invariably, the government comes in to make a forced decision for both parties. In this case, a proposed endangered species tag for the loggerhead turtle.

If human activity is indeed hurting and killing the loggerhead turtles then improved fishing practices and technologies should be invented and designed to prevent this harmful activity from happening.

Public perception in the future will turn on the maritime, fishing industries if it is shown that there is, indeed, problems with fishing practices and equipment with respect to loggerhead turtles, and they have done nothing to stop such practices.

And, public perception could also turn negative on the environment movement, if indeed, the maritime and fishing industries are correct in their claim that fishing practices do no harm to the turtle species.

Both sides should work together to resolve this issue. Decide together what is going on with human fishing practices and the loggerhead turtle.

Try compromising and working together to improve both sides of the debate. And, in the process, improve the health and well-being of both the loggerhead turtles and humans!

Make a joint decision and solve the problem if it exists. It does absolutely no good to continue fighting and bickering among one another.

Page three concludes.

Fix the problem and improve our society for the betterment of both groups.

In my opinion, a characteristic of a mature and rational group (or individual) is realizing that you are a member of a much larger group, and that situations are rarely black or white, right or wrong, and my side versus the other side.

Instead, they are usually composed of shades of gray'”with many differing sides where no one is entirely wrong and no one entirely right.

We will never solve our problems by verbally and/or physically abusing one another'”stomping ones' feet on the ground and slamming ones' fists on the table saying you will destroy business or the environment if one side wins and the other side loses.

However, we will solve our problems by working together, collecting the facts and figures, educating each other, making rational, logical decisions, and most likely compromising on some of our beliefs for the betterment of individuals and groups, whether they be human or not.

In most cases the technology is available to solve problems that arise when human activities interfere with nature. We can solve our problems by thinking them out and coming up with solutions agreeable to all sides.

This can be done with minds that are open to new ideas and suggestions. This can be done with brains free of prejudices of differing opinions, beliefs, and ideals.

This can be done!


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