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Tuesday, 15 June 2010 00:21

Australia answers question for ailing economies


The world is in a financial crisis. How do communities around the world raise money to support their citizens? One such way is what police officers in Western Australia are doing. They fine people who are driving illegally with high-tech devices.


Besides having a global economic downturn, the United States and Australia, and no doubt other places in the world, are, in my opinion, also having a global disregard for traffic laws. What do you think?

These illegal drivers drive their motorized vehicles at excessive speeds over the posted speed limits. I'm talking 16 kilometers an hour (10 miles an hour) or more'”and in many cases much, much more'”over the maximum limit.

They also tailgate, weave in and out of traffic, use improper lane usage, run stoplights, refuse to use their headlights during inclement weather (rain, snow, fog, etc.) and even during dusk and at night sometimes. All actions that make driving more dangerous than it should be.

Many times they are also talking on the cell phone or, even worse, texting on their mobile device while doing these already dangerous actions on our roads'”actions that make dangerous driving even more dangerous, sometimes deadly.

All, of these actions makes it even more hazardous to drive along our roads and highways in the United States, Australia, and other countries of the world. And, these illegal actions are killing and seriously injuring people.

In the United States, over 40,000 people are killed each year from motorized vehicle accidents on your roads, while driving automobiles, trucks, and other such vehicles.

Hundreds of thousands more are injured each year, sometimes for life.

We complain each day about how communities are having a tough time meeting obligations. The state of Illinois, where I live, is under a dire financial situation. The state is running out of money. One of its neighbor to the north, Michigan, is also very troubled financially, maybe even more so.

How do you generate money? Australia is answering that question by using high-tech devices to raise millions of Australian dollars.

Page two talking about how Western Australian police officers are solving their region's financial problems, and making the area a safer place to drive.



Police in Western Australia are catching people driving illegally. Yes, they are raising money for the benefit of all of its citizens from the actions of the ones that are doing illegal activities on our roadways.

The Australian article 'Western Australia's speedy way to make extra $120m' states. 'The Barnett government expects to reap an extra $120 million a year in speeding fines by doubling the number of police cameras on West Australian roads, and by becoming the first state to use digital hand-held cameras that detect speeding from a distance of 1.2km.'

The police in Western Australia are using TruCams because 'they allow officers to catch dozens of speeders within a short space of time. There is no need to stop each driver and issue a fine as infringement notices can be issued automatically when video and stills of each speeding vehicle are downloaded at the end of the police officer's shift.'

Learn more about the TruCam at Laser Technology, Inc.'s website 'TruCam Laser Speed Gun with Video.'

The TrucCams are able to catch illegally speeding vehicles from as far away as 1.2 kilometer (0.7 mile). It takes a video and several photographs of the vehicle, specifically its licence plate.


Police Minister Rob Johnson is quoted in The Australian article.

The article states, 'Mr. Johnson said he expected the new cameras would contribute to additional revenue from fines of about $120 million in their first year, but this was likely to drop as driver behaviour altered.'

Page three continues with further comments from Mr. Johnson.


This action by the WA police has been initiated because 430,000 people were found to be speeding in Western Australia in 2009. Of these, over 7,500 of them were doing 30 kilometers per hour (18 miles per hour) or more above the posted speed limit (the maximum speed allowed).

Mr. Johnson states, "People need to take responsibility for their actions and realise that when they choose to drive above the speed limit, they are not only putting their own lives at risk, but also the lives of other, innocent road users.'

He adds, "We have seen all too often this year the devastating consequences speed can have on our roads. I don't want to see any more lives tragically cut short, nor do I want any families to suffer the heartache of having a loved one seriously injured in a vehicle accident caused by speed."

We have an epidemic, in my opinion, of illegal driving on our roadways in the United States. And, it appears to be just as bad in Australia. How about your country? Do you also have an epidemic of bad and dangerous drivers where you live?

People are impatient in their driving habits, and often times ignorant of how damaging a motorized vehicle can be when it collides with another vehicle or a fixed object, such as a tree or building.

Maybe they are not always ignorant of the consequences of their actions, but they instead think it will never happen to me.

In either case, many people are killed each year because they too didn't think speeding at excessive speeds over the posted speed limit will hurt them.

Even if you don't have an accident, you are breaking the law. You are a lawbreaker in every sense of the word.

Page four concludes with what you can do to make our society safer and more legal.



The law states a maximum speed limit, and you, when you drive over that speed limit, are breaking a law enacted by your community or the community you are driving through on your journey from here to there.

Think about that last statement when you drive next time. And, if police all over the world start to better enforce our speed limits (specifically to make money to get ourselves out of our financial predicament) maybe communities will be able to generate a lot more cash to pay their bills'”all at the expense of citizens driving illegally.

Remember, our society will only function properly when we, the citizens, obey its rules and laws. For that matter, these rules and laws have been enacted, in large measure, to better the health and safety of its citizens.

And, remember, safety and legal actions begin with each and every one of us.





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