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Chances are free and open source projects have made their way into your workflow, your entertainment, your communications. Why not set 2014 off by vowing…
Microsoft is widely expected to converge its operating systems across desktops, mobile phones and tablets. However, according to Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu Linux is on track…
Symantec has identified a new worm that can potentially infect embedded devices within your home or business network.
Over half the Linux Format editorial team has resigned from that long-standing organ with the vision of creating a new crowd-founded publication titled Linux Voice…
Ubuntu Linux has been described as so simple your grandmother could use it. That continues to ring true as one user of social news site…
Interviewed at a conference this week, Linus Torvalds stated he sees Valve Software's Steam Machine as a development which can unify the morass of Linux…
For two days — egad, all this year — Canonical Inc teased the world with a message on the Ubuntu website announcing something was so close you…
Tuesday, 01 January 2013 13:13

Could an Ubuntu tablet be coming?

Ubuntu, possibly the most popular desktop release of Linux, is presently teasing website visitors with a countdown. Might Canonical be about to announce an Ubuntu…
Sunday, 02 December 2012 23:13

Linux.com holiday membership drive

The Linux Foundation has launched its holiday member drive. Sign up for benefits such as your own linux.com e-mail address and, for some, to be…
If 100,000 United States of America citizens pledge to vote in the 2012 Presidential election CodeWeavers will make CrossOver available for free, allowing users of…




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