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World Phone shows strong download growth in 5 weeks


5 weeks since launch, Norwood’s World Phone VoIP app has been downloaded 150,000 times, with lowering acquisition costs, and is a second revenue stream after CORONA.

On 31 July 2015, Norwood Systems launched its new World Phone VoIP app, delivering superior voice comms and a cost-effective and immediate means to truly solve the mobile global roaming issue.

As noted in iTWire’s previous article entitled ‘VIDEO: World Phone launches globally with 10,000+ pre-launch users’, which includes a video of Norwood System’s presentation in full, Norwood says World Phone is ‘an award-winning, revolutionary communications app for international travellers that harnesses the ‘sharing economy’ to provide access to high-quality low-cost telecommunications providers around the world,’ and is ‘especially suited to addresses the needs of international travellers with exacting communications requirements, and a desire to continue conversing with contacts beyond the travel period.’

In addition, World Phone ‘disrupts the personal mobile roaming experience by providing tight integration to high-quality fixed line networks worldwide, delivering much lower-cost per-minute calling (up to 80% lower than corporate plans) and clearer audio to the end-user, while introducing completely novel features, such as effortless in-app provisioning of local numbers when travelling – all without needing an additional SIM.’

So, with those features, which delivers competitive calling costs and roaming flexibility to travellers, and to those in various parts of the world where high telco calling costs are an issue, it should come as no surprise to see World Phone reporting strong growth.

After officially launching with 10,000 downloads on 31 July, download numbers grew to 25 on 11 August, then 50,000 on 18 August and reached 150,000 downloads on 3 September, a figure which should be even higher by now.

Of course, it is more than downloads that count - you need to convert downloaders into paying customers, however, Norwood notes the ‘growing installed base sets Norwood up to begin seeing solid revenue flows from World Phone over the coming months, as downloaders convert to customers purchasing calling time, numbers and plans from Norwood. Revenue seen to date has been linked at a statistically significant level to the size of the installed base, rather than the rate of downloads.’

The company also reports:

  • Growing revenues from customers purchasing calling time, numbers and plans
  • Growing very low-cost referrals of new downloads from existing customers – with currently ~20-30% of new downloads coming from referrals
  • Continued lowering acquisition costs (currently ~ $1) for additional downloads, as this organic referral process grows in line with the installed base

Direct digital marketing for World Phone and indirect enterprise sales channels for CORONA will see continued investment and more details including ‘potential revenue estimates’ are due end Q3 2015. The company reports World Phone is now the No.1 travel app in 47 countries, a figure that has grown by 14 countries since the last update) and a top 10 download travel app in 72 countries (an addition of 16 countries).

It also boasts being the highest grossing travel App in 15 countries (an additional 10 countries), and top 5 highest grossing travel App in 32 countries (an additional 16 countries since the last update). It has also been the top-selling App across all categories in four countries, which is an addition of one new country. .

Much more information available here.


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