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Telstra Mobile accelerates faster to boldly Go Featured


Telstra’s new Go Mobile plans: better value with personal and business contracts, and a no contract Go Casual plan alongside voice and data sharing companion SIMs.

Ever more affordable telecommunications: a highly competitve frontier.

Telstra has embarked on a 24 month contracted voyage to explore new prices, to seek out new customers and keep current ones, to boldly go where no Telstra mobile plan has gone before.

Telstra’s new plans Go Mobile will launch and take off tomorrow, with the giant telco bringing out the big content guns and $10 per gigabyte once over the limit to fend off attacks from Optus, Vodafone, Virgin, Amaysim, Boost and other telco cyberspace cadets.

Not only has Telstra launched share mobile data plans so tablets can share existing data for $5 per month each extra to get a data only SIM, but Telstra has a $40 companion SIM offer, too.

This $40 add-on allows a customer on one if Telstra’s three new Go Mobile plans to share data, as with the $5 data-sharing SIMs, but the companion SIM gets an unlimited voice and SMS to boot.

Naturally, Telstra thinks its free access to vide content is the bees knees, with the bonus content inclusions being either NFL or ARL live games and a big archive for a year, all unmetered when watched on a Telstra mobile service.

There’s also the offer of six months of Presto for six months, although any Presto content watched over the Telstra mobile network will see its data usage charged against your data limit.

Now, you have to choose one of the three offers in the deal with your phome - whether NFL or AFL or Presto. You won’t get all three, sadly, but that’s - at least in 2015 - to be expected.

Here are the three new sets of Go Mobile plans in each category:

John Chambers, Executive Director Telstra Mobile said: “Our customers have told us they want a simple and affordable way to get the whole family connected on their smartphones and tablets.

“So we’re introducing new options to easily add new voice and data services to our plans so households can create a mobile package that grows with their needs and can be conveniently managed through a single account.”

“And to complement parental involvement in kids’ screen-time we’re including a free cyber safety tool that allows parents to set time-of-day limits on calls and mobile web use, block unwanted calls and texts and choose the mobile web content that can be accessed on mobile devices.”

 The data sharing features of the Go Connect plans can ’share data automatically across all eligible plans on a single family or household account to make sure everyone gets the most out of included data allowances.'

Telstra also has its ’Telstra Mobile Protect’ which is a kind of extra warranty, along with Telstra’s ’new phone feeling so those who wish to Before we go further, let’s take a look at the three plans, with the personal and business plans offering up to 16GB of data.

Telstra’s John Chambers explained further: “For instance, if mum and dad each connect to a $70 Go Mobile Casual plan, they could connect two additional mobiles for their kids by adding two $40 unlimited voice and text Data Share SIMs. This allows the family to share 12 GB of data and enjoy cost certainty with unlimited national voice and SMS every month.” (monthly min cost $220)

The $70 Go Casual plan with 6GB at 4G speeds without contract, while still having access to data sharing SIMs along the bonus of NRL or AFL or Presto is clearly designed to strike back against Boost’s $40 unlimited domestic voice and SMS and 3GB of data with an extra 1GB each Sunday to be used on that Sunday (without rollover0.

There’s also Amaysim’s plan with 7GB of data and unlimited domestic voice for $54.90 per month, along with price competitive plans on Vodafone. 

But the ace up Telstra’s sleeve is its 23, 3G and 4G networks, with unlimited domestic voice and SMS.

When it comes to the business plan, Chambers said: “As more small businesses embrace flexible working, owners and their employees increasingly need to access their email accounts, send files and use business apps on the go.

“The new Go Business Mobile plans come with more data that can be shared across the team’s services, as well as an extra data share SIM to use with an additional tablet or mobile broadband device. Many also come with unlimited voice calls in Australia to standard Australian numbers -- helping businesses keep in touch with their employees and customers.”

Interestingly, in the section of the Go Mobile Premium and Go Mobile Business Premium plans, both offering 16GB of data and unlimited voice calls at $195 per month, the following (and more) is listed:

‘Telstra is also introducing the ultimate plan for personal and small business customers who live life on the go. The Go Mobile Premium plan and Go Business Premium plan includes 16GB of data to use in Australia, unlimited calls and SMS/MMS to domestic and international numbers from Australia.’

Is this unlimited calls and SMS/MMS to domestic and international numbers? Or just unlimited SMS? We’ll clarify this with Telstra and will update this story accordingly.

Certainly, Telstra’s graphs make no mention of international calls or SMS messages, but either way, Telstra's new plans are a solid answer to the ever evolving competition 


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