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Oppo celebrates R11 and A57 as 1st and 2nd best Android sellers globally in July 2017


Hot on the heels of its win in finally being part of Telstra’s range, Oppo is proudly boasting its top two Android smartphones were the top two Android sellers in July 2017.

A month can be a long time in phone sales, but so is a quarter, with Apple’s new iPhone models for 2017 soon to be announced and predicted to not only smash quarterly records, but yet again yearly sales totals.

It is in the face of the Apple juggernaut that Apple’s Chinese and Korean smartphone competitors, effectively all running Android, are happy to take and trumpet wins any which way and where they can.

The news of Oppo’s triumph is illuminated by Couterpoint Research, which has not only announced its figures showing Oppo’s sales success for the R11 and A57 in July, but all that Huawei actually surpassed Apple in global smartphone sales consistently for June and July.

It’s also worth noting that China banned parts of Apple’s App Store store in China, and Apple’s products are priced at premium levels, far beyond the vast majority of Chinese competitors.

It is also worth noting that companies like Oppo go to great lengths to “flatter” Apple by emulating its designs and UI extremely closely, presumably trying to suggest that good artists copy, and great artists steal.

Presumably Apple’s legal eagles become quite angry birds and are aflutter at all of this blatant UI and IP “inspiration,” but perhaps Apple is also cognisant that ruffling the feathers of Chinese companies might not bode well for Apple in a country where it is virtually impossible to use Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other major Western websites and services.

Thus, and thanks to astoundingly affordable pricing, we see Oppo making the most of its opportunities for swell sales, which on top of its triumph in getting into Telstra’s telephonic sales trenches as reported in iTWire here, and as “first looked” at in iTWire here, has elicited commentary from Michael Tran, executive director at Oppo.

Tran's commentary is below this Counterpoint Research chart – please turn phone horizontal if viewing on mobile to see the full image: 

Tran said: “It’s great to see the R11 follow in the footsteps of the R9s and capture the market's attention to become the best-selling Android smartphone globally in July. At OPPO, we strive to produce the best quality phones at affordable prices and the R11 is just that. It has 20MP+16MP rear dual-camera, and a 20MP front facing camera, to really set the bar of smartphone camera quality in the mid-range market.

“The Oppo A57 proves not everyone wants to pay a premium price tag when buying a smartphone. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t want a top quality phone. The A57 offers fantastic value for money and an excellent user experience. It has many of the features of our leading smartphones, from rapid Touch Access to stunning camera technology, packaging them up into an affordable device.

“With Telstra recently announcing it is stocking the A57, Oppo has further expanded its footprint in Australia. They’re an extremely valued household name in Australia and will help us to get more of our smartphones into the hands of consumers. We think this mid-range phone will be a great addition to Telstra’s portfolio and are confident we’ll see it fly off the shelves, as more consumers look to buy smartphones in the sub $500 category on pre-paid phone plans.”

You can also buy Oppo’s phones in JB Hi-FiOfficeworks and the other places in the image below.

So, how Oppo’s sales figures will travel in the face of a resurgent Apple, and even more competitive Huawei, and in the face of South Korea’s King of Chaebols, Samsung, and its own range of models from the entry-level through to the $1499 Note 8, and at seemingly every price point in between, is yet to be seen.

That said, Oppo can be proud of its wins thus far, and must simply work harder still — like all of its competitors — as all jockey for position in the great Game of Phones.



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