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An ovation for OVO as its auto-increases data limits 'by up to 500%'


One of Australia's best pre-paid phone providers or MVNOs is OVO, and with its latest automatic mobile data increase limits should definitely receive a sustained and enthusiastic show of appreciation from its current and future customers.

An MVNO is a mobile virtual network operator, and with OVO one of the to prepaid telco challengers out there, I'm happy to note again as I've done once before that what we really have is an MVNOVO of epic proportions.

You see, as OVO's chief executive Matt Jones rightly asks, and wants you to ask yourself, "When was the last time your telco gave you something for nothing?"

Most telco customers know — or discover to their chagrin months or years later — that their telcos might have changed or lowered prices, but they never let you know this fact, or automatically lowered your prices and/or increased your data limits.

While I've seen Kogan Mobile also automatically increase data limits for customers in the past, for which it too is to be applauded, traditional telcos just don't do this, so it's great to see that OVO has also been doing this for some time, and with its latest announcement today, has done it again.

Indeed, today's announcement is the unveiling of "the latest round of automatic data increases across its mobile plans which since mid 2018", and given that OVO has done this twice before, we're looking at what ends up being a data limit increase of "up to 500% without any price hikes."

OVO says that close to 70,000 of its customers will "wake up this month to find the data allowance on their mobile phone plans has at least doubled. This is the third time OVO has automatically upgraded data allowances since May 2018, on prepaid, no-contract plans that customers can opt out of at any time, with no penalties".

We're told "this means someone who signed up for a $30 per month plan a year ago, has had their monthly data allowance jump by 400% from 5GB to 20GB per month, at no extra cost, and without having to sign a contract".

The explanation continues, where we learn that "every OVO mobile plan has seen its data limits at least double since last May. Owners of the $34.95 Large OVO plan have been the big winners; their data limits have increased by a massive 500%, from 10 GB to 50 GB in less than 12 months".

According to Jones, with the cost of mobile data dropping all the time, this should be the norm for Australian mobile customers, but with most Australians tied in to one and two-year contracts, it’s the telcos who aren’t offering these savings that are laughing.

Jones added: “If you’re not getting this from your telco, you’re getting ripped off. If your telco isn’t offering a Fans First promise like OVO to pass on savings by upgrading data whenever it becomes available, you’re with the wrong telco.

“As mobile data gets cheaper, Australian telcos should be passing on the savings to their customers – without waiting to be asked, or reserving those savings just for hooking in new customers.

“For $50 a month, an OVO customer can now get enough mobile data to stream high definition video on their mobile for more than two hours a day, every day, without having to buy more data. And the beautiful thing is, they’ll probably have more data to play with in a few months’ time – without having to ask for it, or renegotiate what they’re paying.

“When you talk about cost of living, this is the stuff that not only keeps costs down, but also makes living easier. This is what Australian mobile customers should be able to expect from every telco.”

The table below breaks down costs and data hikes across OVO’s plans since May 2018.


Jones noted this table also shows how quickly plans can improve in Australia at the moment, if the telco is automatically passing on savings to its existing customers, and said:

“Trust in telcos is up there with the banks, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s no longer just a question of getting prepaid plans to avoid bill shocks; it’s about being the first in line when it comes to having your loyalty rewarded, and not watching your telco hand out the best deals just to hook new customers onto unfair contracts.

“Fairness shouldn’t be a dirty word for Australian telcos. This way, Australians can trust they’re getting the fairest deal, without having to ask for it,” Jones concluded.

The news follows last month's announcement of the new OVOBoom 500GB plan for $109.95, on the Optus 4G network, while dropping the 250GB plan to $79.95 and the 100GB plan to $64.95 per 30 days.


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