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Telstra's great but annoying new $49 15GB 'Peace of mind' plan


Telstra has a new 15GB plan for $49 with "peace of mind" data, offered on the Telstra 24x7 app, not listed on the website, and it's great – but it has an annoying catch.

"Unlimited" data plans are the new thing in Australia, whereby you get a certain number of gigabytes at full speed, after which you're slowed down to 1.5Mbps, and potentially even slower speeds during peak times.

They're obviously great value, because once you reach the set number of gigabytes, you can keep on downloading, listening to music, watching non-HD video and more, without worrying about excess data charges.

The problem is these plans start at the $60 mark and go up, with no telco yet offering a better deal.

Well, until now, that is.

Telstra is offering 15GB for $49 per month, with the "peace of mind" option, and the usual unlimited calls and texts in Australia, but there's a catch.

The plan isn't listed at Telstra's website, where you'll find the S plan, which is the $49 option, does indeed give 15GB of data, but without the "peace of mind" component.

However, at the Telstra 24x7 app, you are offered this deal, with "peace of mind".

I saw the plan earlier tonight, and thought, "Wow! This is great!

"I'm going to upgrade my current 12-month Telstra MX plan (which is no longer available) to this new plan, RIGHT NOW, because it's at the right price and gives me the 'peace of mind' component that I'd love to get!".

Unfortunately, when you read the finer print, you see the catch.

The catch is that this offer is only if you are getting another account on your plan.

You can't upgrade to it. You have to add this $49 plan to your existing plan as a second service.

The wording is that it is an "exclusive offer when you add a new BYO service".

"As a Telstra customer, enjoy this exclusive offer when you add a new BYO service or port-in a mobile number from another carrier."

So, I guess Telstra will, at some point later this year, possibly sooner rather than later, offer the 15GB plan with "peace of mind" option for $49 per month on a 12-month contract, as a standard, single service.

Sadly, that day has not come yet for individuals wanting a single plan, but at least it is here if you want to add such a service for someone else in your family, or if you want a second service for yourself.

Telstra obviously knows such a plan at such a price would be wildly popular, so as noted, Telstra isn't offering it to individual users. Yet.


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