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NBN Co has done well in making rentals NBN-ready: claim

Despite all the hiccups, both private and public, which it has had this year, NBN Co seems to have performed well when it comes to making rental properties NBN-ready, it is claimed.

The claim was made by Greg Bader, chief executive of the WA-based company, rent.com.au. His company lists about 70,000 rental properties at any one time and, based on his analysis, NBN Co has done creditably in most states.

For example, in the ACT, the NBN Co had said that in quarter one 22% of the rental properties were able to connect to the NBN and it expected a further 17% to be connectable by the end of the year. This made for a total of 39% by year-end.

Bader said according to figures from the properties listed on his company's website, the total connectable in the ACT would be 44% as of 15 December, 5% over the NBN Co estimate.

There was one curious figure, indicating that another 7% would be connectable in the ACT by the end of the year; Bader noted that this indicated that the NBN Co either intended to work right through the last two weeks of the year or else that its database was yet to be updated.

rental ready nbn

The Q1 table contains the NBN forecast against rent.com.au's active properties at the start of the year. The Q4 table contains the latest NBN data from all rent.com.au's "active” properties.

He told iTWire that the main problem in drafting statistics of this kind — to present to clients, many of whom were particular about NBN access and also the type of technology they would get — was the NBN Co's lack of openness.

Bader was quick to point out that, "our sample is not every property in Australia, but with over 70,000 active rental listings at any time, across all states, it is a large sample.

"With so many new properties added and removed each day, our sample is extremely current and allows us to provide a unique perspective on changes”.

On his company's site, anyone searching for a rental property is also provided with information about NBN connectivity and the type of technology to be expected as seen from the screenshot below:

nbn rent

The one state which saw things go backwards was NSW. There, the number of rentals which were NBN-ready was 35% at the start of the year, with a further 23% predicted to be ready by year-end, making for a total of 58%.

However, the actual figure achieved was 53% which meant a 5% shortfall.

Bader said that while not everybody sought detailed information about NBN connectability when inquiring about rental properties, those who belonged to a younger demographic were quite particular about these details.

He pointed out that the number of people moving inter-state in search of work had risen and this meant that the demand for rentals was increasing.


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