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Where is the Matrixx? On Google Cloud, as a digital commerce solution


The question has always been "What is the Matrixx," but now that its digital transformation tool is available on Google Cloud, we also now know where you can find it.

Telcos have always been able to gain from the benefits that the Matrixx delivers, but now there's no need to choose between the blue pill of internal infrastructure and the red pill of cloud - you can now get to the Matrixx via public cloud, and see for yourself how deep the rabbit hole goes.

So, what is the Matrixx on public cloud?

Simple - Matrixx Digital Commerce is a comprehensive solution and a single platform that "brings together traditionally separate functions including: product lifecycle management, customer engagement, service delivery and monetisation."

By offering what the company bills as an "innovative cloud-deployment capability," MATRIXX Software now "makes it possible for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to leverage the benefits of Google Cloud for rapid digital transformation."

We're told that "CSPs embarking on digital transformation journeys are seeking cloud native, fast-start solutions in lieu of large-scale IT transformations which carry substantial risk."

And, by leveraging MATRIXX Digital Commerce in Google Cloud, "CSPs have a fast-start, low cost option to digitise IT operations."

Indeed, you won't need the Oracle's advice to discover that "MATRIXX Software provides telcos with an alternative path to continuing the steep investments in decades-old BSS infrastructure, which is inherently too complex and slow to support today’s dynamic market requirements."

Dave Labuda, founder, CTO and CEO of MATRIXX Software, who is clearly "The Architect", explained that "We are seeing more demand for real-time commerce capabilities deployed via the cloud.

“We’ve chosen to work with Google because they are the disruptive cloud vendor in terms of price, innovation and performance. In addition, Google’s well-provisioned global network, with hundreds of thousands of miles of fibre optic cable, makes them the right partner to bring our network-grade application into the public cloud.”

MATRIXX tells us that, by leveraging a public cloud option, "CSPs can quickly automate processes and streamline operations. By replacing outdated and complex technology with MATRIXX Digital Commerce in Google Cloud, CSPs deploy a simpler IT architecture that enables business agility and delivers a much-improved experience to customers - at a fraction of the operational costs incurred via traditional BSS."

Rich Karpinski, principal analyst, mobile operator strategies at 451 eschewed any Matrix references, and said: “While some operators continue to focus solely on NFV, many are looking for a quicker win with their IT operations transformation – an activity that all too often in the past has been a long, expensive project that failed to pay promised dividends. As NFV is still evolving and maturing, going with a public cloud offering that supports network-grade applications and operations today could provide CSPs a faster, more cost-effective path forward.”

MATRIXX Software said it "chose Google Cloud because of its unique ability to provide telco-grade scalability and performance with network-grade application and security support, embedded analytics, and a level of price performance that provides a new benchmark of economics for telco transformation and operations."

The company also revealed that "it has been working with the Google Cloud Platform since the beginning of 2017 to define, test, benchmark and validate the environment."

"Using Compute Engine, Cloud Load Balancing and Virtual Private Cloud services from Google Cloud, MATRIXX Software has benchmarked supporting tens of millions of subscribers, using a small number of VMs, and full support for both local and geographical redundancies to provide telco-grade reliability and availability."

So, what does MATRIXX Digital Commerce in Google Cloud provide?

  • A quick-start environment and architecture to fast-track digital transformation
  • Virtual managed network capabilities
  • Strong organisational and platform security
  • Local and geo-redundancy to provide five-nines of availability
  • Seamless horizontal scalability
  • The ability to start small but scale to support Tier One telco customer and network traffic volumes

The first live deployments of MATRIXX Digital Commerce in Google Cloud will launch in early 2018, because every beginning has a beginning, and this should prove to be quite a revolution!


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