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ACCC announces upcoming tender for broadband monitoring testers

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has signalled a May launch for a request for tenders from testers of its previously announced Broadband Performance Monitoring and Reporting Program.

On 7 April, the Australian Government announced that the ACCC would receive funding to implement the BPMR programme — Australia’s first — designed to provide consumers with greater information on the speeds and experience they can expect from fixed-line broadband services delivered over the National Broadband Network.

The ACCC is planning to publish an approach to market this month, with the intent of procuring an independent third party testing provider to measure and report to the ACCC on the broadband performance of various broadband services, technologies, speed plans and geographical areas.

The programme will use hardware-based devices to perform remote testing of around an anticipated 4000 households to determine typical speeds on National Broadband Network (NBN) services at various points throughout the day, including busy periods.

The testing provider will be expected to provide accurate and reliable data on broadband performance to the ACCC for its analytical and reporting purposes, over the duration of the four-year programme.

Approximately $7 million over four years will be provided to the ACCC from 1 July 2017 to implement the programme which is modelled on similar successful schemes in the UK and the US.

According to the government, the programme would enable consumers to compare speeds delivered in peak periods via independent reporting of broadband speeds.

“This programme will see the ACCC test and report on the typical speed and performance of broadband plans provided over the NBN. This information will assist consumers in comparing and shopping around, and checking that they receive what they are paying for,” ACCC chairman Rod Sims said after the initial BPMR announcement in April.

“The programme will also allow the ACCC to determine if issues are being caused by the performance of the NBN, or by internet service providers (ISPs) not buying sufficient capacity. It will also provide ISPs with independent performance information from which to draw when making speed claims.

“The ACCC will begin publishing data later this year as a large number of consumers move to the NBN."

The ACCC said that it expected that the tender documents would be available from AusTender before the month ends.


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