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NBN Co to throw people at Sky Muster problems

In an effort to fix its bug-plagued Sky Muster satellite Internet service, national broadband wholesaler NBN Co has gone on a hiring spree to round up the best high-end engineering and solutions development talent it can find.

The Sky Muster service, which came online in May last year, is meant to service almost a quarter of a million users in remote rural and outlying urban areas that do not have access to fixed line broadband, offering speeds up to 25/5 Mbps.

However, the new satellite-based service has had a rocky start with unexplained outages such as the one just three weeks ago at the end of April which put 65,000 users offline for two hours.

To make matters worse, NBN Co provides no outage information or support service, leaving the hapless Sky Muster end users doubly frustrated with nobody to complain to.

NBN Co admitted at the time that the only way it could fix the outage was to reboot the system.

According to NBN Co, the Sky Muster troubles do not stem from the satellites, which the broadband provider says are working fine, but from its ground-based systems, which include 10 base stations.

Over the weekend, NBN Co listed 10 high-end solutions development and engineering jobs for its Sky Muster division which are all based in Melbourne.

Six of the roles are for solutions architects and four are for engineers and they call for specific skills in satellite systems and networking. The roles are listed below:

  • Engineer Satellite Systems
  • Senior Satellite Spectrum Engineer
  • Engineer Satellite Access Network
  • Solution Architect Strategic Satellite Solutions
  • Engineer Satellite Payload and RF Systems
  • Solution Architect Satellite Platform and TTC
  • Solution Architect Satellite System Capacity and Strategy
  • Solution Architect Networking and Security
  • Solution Architect Networking
  • Solution Architect Traffic Engineering and Optimisation

Links to the individual jobs can be found here. Use the word "satellite" to filter your search.


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