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5G connections: 240 million by 2025 and the Internet of Everything Featured


A new report peers into 2025 and says there will be 240 million active 5G connections powered by the ‘Internet of Everything.’

Global research firm Juniper has announced its latest research, entitled ‘5G Market Strategies > 5G Market Strategies: 4G LTE Evolution, Spectrum Analysis & Opportunities 2015-2025,’ and sees hundreds of millions of 5G connections by 2025.

Juniper says its research, which is on sale to relevant parties, evaluates and explains what ‘true 5G’ means, and ‘delivers an extensive analysis on the impact of 5G and what it means in terms of spectrum requirements, network investments, roll outs and upgrades to existing networks.’

It also maps out the future development of business models and use cases, including the integration of M2M and IoT.

The research forecasts rapid adoption for 5G from 2025 onwards, and says that ‘active connections representing a threefold increase from 2024 to reach 240 million by then’, so a lot happens in 2024 to triple connectivity.

However, this only represents ‘a very limited global reach, accounting for approximately 3% of global mobile connections.’

Even so, Juniper found that the many advantages of 5G such as higher data rates, longer battery life, greater user/device support, and reduced latency will result in an ideal environment for the proliferation of new connected service applications and devices. 5G will be the subject of the most complex set of standardisation activities over the next 5 years before first roll-out of commercial services in 2020.

Part of the problem is spectrum challenges, with the research observing ‘that getting the spectrum issues right will be a critical factor in the success of 5G.’

Research author Nitin Bhas said: “It is critical to 5G’s success that the most feasible and appropriate spectrum bands are assigned, not only to support existing high bandwidth and capacity requirements, but also the wide ranging devices and applications contributing towards the Internet of Everything.”

The spectrum challenges include the fact ‘it has not yet been confirmed which frequency bands are going to be utilised for 5G by operators,’ with the twin issues neediing to be surmounted being ‘the timing and cost of the spectrum’, as these will play ‘pivotal roles in deciding the speed of 5G roll-outs.’

Regional adoption will be dominated by the Far East and China, with Juniper expecting Japan and South Korea to be amongst the first countries to launch commercial 5G services.

Indeed, Korea has already announced the 2018 PeyongChang Winter Olympics will be a Korean 5G showcase.

Juniper says that ‘a number of operators from this region have chosen their suppliers and set a commercial service dates,’ and that the region ‘will witness a very high rate of growth in connections similar to that of North America.’

Of note is that none of the US operators have made any public announcements regarding 5G trials or pilots, but given the current US 4G leadership, Juniper expects the US will closely follow the Far East & China in deployment and adoption.

Juniper does have a whitepaper to whet your appetite, entitled ‘Need for 5G: Hot Pursuit’, and for those who haven’t already downloaded more than three free white papers in a 90 day period, you can download it free of charge after free registration.

More info here.


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