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Website campaigns against foreigners in US IT jobs

A website run by an American programmer, that claims foreign programmers are a threat to American tech jobs, has been getting a fair bit of attention on social media following the killing of an Indian engineer in Kansas City, Missouri.

The site, run by Steve Pushor, 66, of Virginia, has photos of Indian families relaxing in Columbus, Ohio, and plenty of what can only be described as inflammatory comments about Indian tech workers and their families.

The Indian engineer, Srinivas Kuchibhotla, was shot dead in a bar on 22 February in what appears to be a racially motivated attack.

"Can you imagine losing your job to a foreign worker and then training that foreign guest worker as your replacement? We ask anybody reading this, how would you like it?" SaveAmericanITJobs asks on its front page.

"The Indian IT mafia mega firms have greatly harmed the American information technology Workforce for decades," Pushor says on the site.

"Their notorious practices and collaborations with greedy US corporations have resulted in USA IT professionals training their H-1B or L-1 Indian replacements in order to receive severance pay. This is outrageous."

Pushor adds: "The Indian IT mafia has through the years violated US laws and has been subject to several fines and have been found guilty of labour law violations and software thievery."

After the website Buzzfeed wrote about the fact that Pushor had included pictures of Indian minors on his site, he appears to have blocked access to a page that hosted these pictures.

But a video of Indian families playing outside in a park still remains on his site, with plenty of minors figuring in it. The video is also on YouTube. On YouTube the video, which was posted on 13 August 2016, has this legend:

"Ohio Rich Ass Suburban Park is Occupied by Rich Ass Indians with Various Green $$$ (H1-B L-1 H-4 ) Visas. $60,000 Porsche SUV and Big Ass $$$ BMWs sited at Cricket Match. It is Called Occupy and Displace. What Happened to the People Who Used to Live There and Used the Park."

US President Donald Trump has said on many occasions that Americans must be put first when it comes to jobs. He has also called for reform of the visa system, calls which have caused angst among Indian tech companies that take up a majority of the H-1B visas issued for tech workers each year.

Last week, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services said it would be suspending premium processing of H-1B visas.

Pushor's site also provides data about what he claims are the American companies contributing to the job losses among Americans. He lists what he says is the US government's contribution to the situation.

Posts complaining about the Indian presence in the US IT industry appear from time to time online. Pushor's domain appears to have been registered in October 2014.

An Indian, who has been in the US for the last 31 years and for a long time ran his own IT firm in Columbus, Ohio, said: "It is time to really enforce the law set down in the H1-B programme:

  • "1. admit only truly 'highly skilled' personnel – not ones who need to be trained by the very US citizens who are being displaced by these immigrants; and
  • "2. make sure a national policy is developed to train and equip US citizens to staff technology jobs that were created in, and by, US corporations."

The man, who now works as an IT consultant and said he would prefer to remain anonymous, added: "The Trump administration is likely to fix this broken programme soon. Kudos to (Arkansas) Senator (Thomas) Cotton and others for taking the first few steps in this direction.

"All resettlement programmes — refugees, students, chain immigration — are all going to be reviewed and curtailed. (It is) time to put US citizens first in terms of access to the assets of their country."

iTWire has contacted Pushor for comment.


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