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Monday, 24 April 2006 18:24

Store Wars 5: The Empire strikes back!

By The Chronicler

Deep in the heart of Washington State, half a world away, 147 miles from Seattle, lies a little farming community of about 5000 called Quincy. One thing the surrounding region apparently is not short of is land, cheap power and fat communications pipes. So it is quite understandable to hear that the evil empire Microsoft has chosen this region, not too distant from its home base, as a beach head for its counter-offensive against the rebellious insurgent Google.

Monday, 24 April 2006 13:15

Microsoft starts fightback against EU penalty

Microsoft has commenced its legal fightback against the greater than $600 million fine it was handed by the European Commission in 2004 for alleged anti-competitive practices.

Published in Strategy
According to Internet research company, Ipwalk, Microsoft's latest initiative against 'typosquatters' could evolve and financially impact legitimate companies, such as Google, that serve ad pages.
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