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Friday, 23 March 2007 03:49

Analysts clash over Google phone plans

The idea that Google will go up against major mobile phone vendors such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung is falling out of favour, but analysts are still coming up with ideas about what the search giant may be planning for the telephony market.

Published in Entertainment
Thursday, 22 March 2007 21:26

Apple TV: brilliant, but not for everyone - yet

So, Apple’s ‘Apple TV’ is finally shipping in the US, where Apple is selling it in its intended form: as a digital media center that comes with its own fully featured store – while overseas we have to bring our own video content.

Published in Fuzzy Logic
Monday, 19 March 2007 19:10

Google Phone is in the works, say insiders

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc. is developing its own mobile phone, according to industry insiders and analysts, while a Google official in Spain last week acknowledged the company is "investigating" such a project.

Published in Market
Monday, 19 March 2007 10:29

Can Google's G-Phone hit the G-spot?

If you thought only Apple was able to generate mass hysteria with the pre-launch of the as-yet unavailable iPhone, think again – Google’s rumored Phone could herald yet another mobile phone revolution.

Published in Fuzzy Logic
Sunday, 11 March 2007 09:23

Palm ex-Apple guru hiring a sign of the times

The war for dominance in the cell phone space has raged for two decades, with Apple simply the latest pretender to the throne, sending competitors into a frenzy as they decide how best to deal with the fruity threat.

Published in Entertainment
The man who helped develop the interface for the original Apple iPod, Paul Mercer, who helped Samsung turned the Z5 mp3 player into a hit, has been hired by Palm who hope his magic rubs off on them!

Published in Mobility
An Apple notebook that uses flash memory in place of a conventional disk drive is tipped for the second half of the year by analyst firm American Technology Research (ATR).

Published in Home Tech
Thursday, 08 March 2007 13:03

Apple subnotebook by Christmas?

An Apple notebook that uses flash memory in place of a conventional disk drive is tipped for the second half of the year.

Published in Home Tech
Tuesday, 06 March 2007 19:50

Panasonic launches $400 wifi Skype phone

With wifi-enabled cellphones hitting the market, $US400 seems a hefty price tag for Panasonic's Skype-only wifi phone.

Published in Mobility
Friday, 02 March 2007 22:47

iPhone to allow free VoIP calls

iPhone owners will be able to make free calls with the help of the internet, via Jajah Mobile Web, but it's not the same as running Skype on your phone.

Published in Market
Friday, 02 March 2007 03:31

EA puts game soundtracks on iTunes

Electronic Arts has begun selling soundtrack music from its games via Apple's iTunes Store.

Published in Strategy
A new YouTube video shows off some new ‘hidden’ new features in Apple’s iPhone gleaned from photos and screenshots at the MacWorld keynote, including what could be a new ringtone service for iTunes.

Published in Entertainment
Monday, 26 February 2007 16:36

Apple iPhone ad says hello to Oscars women

Apple wants to remind US viewers that the iPhone is coming in June, through a very cool 30-second spot that aired during the Academy Awards – and it’s now available to watch at Apple’s US website!

Published in Mobility
Monday, 26 February 2007 13:30

3G iPhone in early 2008?

A 3G version of Apple's iPhone will be ready by January 2008, according to a popular rumour site.

Published in Market
Apple took advantage of the massive TV audience for the Academy Awards ceremony to run a teaser ad for its forthcoming iPhone.

Published in Market
Sunday, 25 February 2007 19:11

Does the iBudget stretch to $500 for an iPhone?

It's a stupid question - of course people will pay $500 for an iPhone. There are probably already people lining up outside Apple stores, queuing to hand over their first born child in order to own Apple's latest gadget.

Published in Market
Saturday, 24 February 2007 21:28

Consumers not willing to pay $500 iPhone price?

A new report by Compete Inc. has surveyed 379 shoppers and has discovered people are willing to pay from US $200 to $299 for the phone Apple wants to charge you $500 for. Will Apple have to drop their prices?

Published in Mobility
Friday, 23 February 2007 04:35

Apple iPhone: is there resale in it for Cisco?

Since the joint announcement from Cisco and Apple agreeing to share the iPhone brand, there has been much speculation as to what deal has been done under the table. Some analysts speculate that Cisco forced Apple to pay a settlement. However, a company with a market cap of US$165 billion would be more interested in longer term benefits than up front cash. Why did Cisco let Apple off the hook? One word: resale!

Thursday, 22 February 2007 16:43

Apple and Cisco kiss and make up

Apple and Cisco will have products on the market called "iPhone" at the same time, without suing each other. Instead, they are going to work towards interoperability in other areas to prove they are now best friends.

Published in Market
As expected, Steve Jobs has worked his magic yet again, getting Cisco to drop their lawsuit over the use of the iPhone name, with both sharing the brand, while vaguely agreeing to ‘explore opportunities for interoperability’.

Published in Mobility




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