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Sunday, 25 February 2007 19:11

Does the iBudget stretch to $500 for an iPhone?

It's a stupid question - of course people will pay $500 for an iPhone. There are probably already people lining up outside Apple stores, queuing to hand over their first born child in order to own Apple's latest gadget.

Published in Market
Saturday, 24 February 2007 21:28

Consumers not willing to pay $500 iPhone price?

A new report by Compete Inc. has surveyed 379 shoppers and has discovered people are willing to pay from US $200 to $299 for the phone Apple wants to charge you $500 for. Will Apple have to drop their prices?

Published in Mobility
Friday, 23 February 2007 04:35

Apple iPhone: is there resale in it for Cisco?

Since the joint announcement from Cisco and Apple agreeing to share the iPhone brand, there has been much speculation as to what deal has been done under the table. Some analysts speculate that Cisco forced Apple to pay a settlement. However, a company with a market cap of US$165 billion would be more interested in longer term benefits than up front cash. Why did Cisco let Apple off the hook? One word: resale!




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