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CEO fraud has risen sharply in recent months. These CEO fraud scams target or impersonate CEOs, CFOs, or other C-level executives. Secureworks head of threat intelligence APAC Alex Tilley speaks with iTWireTV about how this works and, importantly, how organisations can reduce their risk of compromise.

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The SolarWinds annual IT Pro Day awards are now open, celebrating experts who make computer systems run smoothly. Here's your opportunity to nominate the IT Pro in your life.

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The Tour de France may be over for another year, but you can re-do it safe from home, taking in all the scenery and experiencing all the hills and valleys yourself with NordicTrack powered by iFit, and sound powered by Bose.

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Airthings is known globally for its comprehensive range of air quality controls and monitors, and now it's come down under to help Australians create a healthier home environment.

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The Alogic Clarity is a stunningly brilliant, bright, and beautiful monitor that provides a studio-quality display to your Mac (or PC) but at a way lower cost than Apple’s own studio display.

Peloton is well known for its exercise equipment, fashionable attire, and not least, its workouts. The fitness company has added a new dimension to home workouts with the Peloton Guide which literally guides you through exercise with an on-screen silhouette for you to mimic.

Mojo is a magic charm or influence. Austin Powers famously said mojo was the liquid essence of his prowess. And now mojo can be yours, in the form of a programmable, 84-key, multi-connected, RGB-LED backlit mechanical keyboard - the MelGeek Mojo84.

Hearthstone - the collectible card game set in the World of Warcraft universe - has a brand new expansion, Murder at Castle Nathria. Players can enjoy a new card type and a new keyword as they investigate a murder mystery.

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The FiiTii Kido wireless headphones are a nifty set of headphones for young ones that sit nicely, look good, have simple and clear buttons, and importantly, limit sound to 85dB.

Peoplecare is a not-for-profit health insurance fund and is actively involved in the health and well-being of its customers. Peoplecare identified it could provide even greater service with faster, real-time access to data. Jo Williams spoke to iTWireTV about how Peoplecare used Boomi to achieve these goals.

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It's 53 years since the first moon landing in July 1969. However, not only did Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin land on the moon so too did a Poly headset.

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iTWireTV speaks with Felipe Flores, founder of Data Futurology. Felipe explains the mission of Data Futurology to help practising data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and other data professionals in their journey to becoming data leaders.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2022 22:33

The ALOGIC Iris USB Webcam A09

Remote and hybrid working is here to stay and Alogic can help you put your best face forwards. This stylish webcam is compact in size but rich in features and might well make the difference in winning others over to your next big idea.

"Alexa, make me a coffee" - it's no longer the stuff of science fiction. With Lavazza and Amazon’s partnership, you can now genuinely have a voice-controlled smart assistant brewing you a tasty caffeinated beverage. It’s the first coffee machine with Alexa built-in, or “la prima macchina da caffé con Alexa integrate” as the Italians might say.

The EPOS Adapt 660 AMC headset is the first new product arising from the relationship between the AV device maker and the Aston Martin Cogniziant Formula One team. It pairs EPOS’ high-end audio tech with Aston Martin’s iconic British racing green colours and style to make a headset with stunning looks and equally stunning performance.

 iTWire TV interview: iTWireTV speaks with Denodo GM ANZ Benjamin Henshall and SVP Data Architectures Paul Moxon on what's new in data virtualisation, what is driving companies to evolve their data strategy today, the pain points that data virtualisation can eliminate, how an organisation can best position itself for a successful data plan, and other topics around Denodo's capabilities and expertise.

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Sony has released its fifth generation wireless noise-cancelling headphones. The company has set a high bar for itself after the success and feature-rich audio experiences of previous WH1000 models, but the XM5 does not disappoint and takes noise-cancelling capabilities and audio quality to a new level.

The Nanoleaf Lines are a smart lighting package that allows you to enjoy amazing artworks of light, designed however you like, with simple interlocking bars - well, lines - that dance with light and react to music. Make your own light show - without being constrained by out-of-the-box light shapes.

Cyber insurance premiums have skyrocketed due to the constantly evolving cyber threats - but what steps can companies take before signing up for a cyber policy? Minimising security risk posture proactively will reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and therefore reduce their cyber insurance premiums. iTWireTV speaks with Yubico Vice President APJ Geoff Schomburgk on the topic.

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Thursday, 30 June 2022 14:27

Gladys weighs in on Telstra/TPG merger

Former NSW Premier and now Optus managing director enterprise, business, and institutional Gladys Berejiklian says she's seen first-hand the devastating impact of floods and fires on regional communities and says if the Telstra/TPG merger proceeds customers will have less choice, be subject to higher prices, and be more vulnerable during natural disasters.

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