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Saturday, 15 April 2006 18:45

Dual boot Macs will help Linux: 10 reasons

By Con Zymaris
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Linux afficionado Con Zymaris believes that the onset of dual boot Apple Macintoshes, running both Mac OSX and Windows, will be a boon for the cause of Linux and open source software. Zymaris, the CEO of Cybersource, an open source consultancy which has been in operation since 1991, says dual boot Macs will have minimal impact on the Macintosh space but may well convince many Mac users to jump ship to Linux.
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Friday, 14 April 2006 16:53

Beatles love me digital, as Apple sues Apple

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As the two surviving members of the Beatles watch while the record company they founded in the 1960s, Apple Corp, sues Apple Computer for alleged trademark infringements, they have finally consented to allow their music to be downloaded from the net.

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Over the past week we have seen numerous reports of basically much ado about nothing. Contrary to what many pundits are saying, the fact of the matter is most Apple Macintosh users hate Windows and vice versa, so who cares if the new Intel Macs can run both operating systems?

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