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Monday, 11 October 2010 14:45

Alan Hyde named first Aussie CEO for NEC Australia


NEC has appointed Alan Hyde as the first non-Japanese CEO for NEC Australia in the company's 41 year history in Australia. He takes up his post today, 11 October and will replace Wataru Takeuchi who returns to Japan.

Announcing his appointment, NEC said the choice of a local "recognises the importance that local knowledge will play in the next phase of NEC's growth. Mr Hyde's leadership, significant experience and understanding of the Australian services market and his customer-centric approach will be a major advantage in driving new business for NEC Australia.

"This appointment marks a clear and serious signal of NEC's intent to focus on and accelerate the growth of its Systems Integration and Services businesses in Australia."

Hyde spent five years with SAP Australia from 2002 to 2008. The first five were as general manager Northern Region. He was appointed CEO for Australia and New Zealand in January 2007 but resigned a year later. His LinkedIn profile has not been updated since. According to NEC he has been acting in an advisory capacity on corporate strategy in the IT sector. Before joining SAP he was a sales director with PeopleSoft.

He describes himself on LinkedIn as "a natural leader with strong management skills who thrives on change and challenges," attributes which he says he has used "to build and lead highly motivated teams to achieve substantial growth and success in the marketplace."

Apart from his Australian experience he says he has "ten years experience working in the UK and Europe which has provided new perspectives on business and a broader pool of experience to share with employees and customers."

On his appointment, he said: "I aim to'¦marry my knowledge of the Australian technology market with the innovation and passion of NEC Australia's staff and business partners. Our focus will be to deliver innovative solutions which truly add value to our customers' businesses by leveraging our leading expertise in cloud computing, telephony, networks and managed services to bring real business benefits. There is no company better positioned than NEC Australia to provide the tools for other Australian organisations to succeed."

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