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You are now able to promote your company's news on iTWire's home page Featured

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Launching this week, we are giving home page exposure to Platinum Sponsored News, Reviews, and Events stories.

This week, iTWire has launched a new feature on its News Site for Platinum Sponsored News stories. This forms part of our Home Page Advantage suite of adverts and content postings.

You can leverage iTWire Sponsored News to get your message out there with extensive reader views ranging between 25,000 to 35,000 site visitor READS.

Whatever content you want to post, iTWire can help to promote your message, your content, news and events.

iTWire’s Premium Sponsored News now has a premium option - Premium Sponsored News - to give an even more powerful option to assist our readers and customers with a variety of Promotional News and Sponsored Content, such as Sponsored Editorial, Events promotion, Product Reviews, Pre-Reviews for Pre-launch promotion, Interviews and New Product Announcements.

We have numerous options to present your message and get it out there, and iTWire can assist by giving you some advice on your story, if that is of value.

News posted on our website as Breaking News is well read and has strong SEO and market reach – our news stories are not advertorial by their content or intention.

Our News on the Home Page must be newsy as it is prepared/written by our journalists as a Breaking News or Featured News story, whereas Sponsored News on iTWire is a message crafted by you and posted as you have prepared it, and is an obvious clear sales pitch and value proposition, because after all, it is a Promotional News story.

Promote your Sponsored News Story on iTWire’s Home Page

The benefits to have your news posted as a Sponsored News story is that it is researched by you, or your team, who will also provide content, and we can provide one our staff writers to give it that professional touch and specialist word smithing.

Therefore, we are happy to help you get out a powerful marketing message with a strong news flavour, all brought together with a content and SEO expert.

As well as a Home Page Platinum Posting, there is also the Premium Sponsored News Posting and feed on the right hand side of every page, titled “Vendor News & Events”.

This is where some maximum reads can be achieved – as mentioned, this grows to normally 25,000 to 35,000 site visitor reads over just four to five weeks.

This large amount of views occurs due to the extended time of story exposure, which is normally 4 to 5 weeks on every page of iTWire

You get to choose the graphic for the news feed that is displayed on the site, and the in-story graphic that can be a diagram, image or photo of your product and its features, or an in-story advertisement as you would have on your website landing page (this option is a real differentiator and gives our promotional stories the edge performance-wise).


We accept up to six in-story graphics/advertisements, and when these are done, the result looks fantastic.

Your Sponsored News story can have as many URL links as your like to your website, landing page, product pages or other sites.

Most customers have at least 5 to 7 links within their story, and some of these links may go to the same page, which is fine, as links help your story’s SEO and therefore helps it to perform better for you, your company - and, of course, your boss who will appreciate your efforts.

At the end of your story, a best practice is to have a paragraph ABOUT your company with confirmation of important links, company summary, your products and an email address for the key contact and a mobile phone number.

Last but not least, 15 to 20 "tags" should be provided as keywords, nouns and key verbs which are entered into the story’s metadata which also aids in the SEO process.

The story will be displayed on every page on, on the side of the page, and normally displays for four to five weeks, with an expected number of site visitor READS growing to 25,000-35,000.

This is important, as stories posted on digital news sites are normally displayed on their home pages for a few hours before being pushed off the main page due to new story flows, and then can only be found by Google searches, which results in less exposure, fewer visitor reads and poor SEO.

In contrast, due to the techniques highlighted above, including being listed on every iTWire page on the right hand side, and at the bottom of each page in a second feed of the Sponsored News listing, iTWire Sponsored News stories get a large number of views and strong SEO.

Platinum Home-Page Sponsored News Story

This combines the sought after Home Page position and the big hitter position of the side of every page feed–sidebar, or as we call it “the Big Feed”, as well as Newsletter promotion of your story, which also has a Sponsored News section in every newsletter, in both the morning and afternoon editions, for 35,000 site visitor reads.

Premium Sponsored News Story

There is an individual cost for these and they are cheaper when buying in bulk, with bulk purchases also qualifying for free additional News Story posts.

Requirements: at least 600 or so words, at least one or two pics any size, preferably portrait orientation. Any links provided in the content are retained.

Sponsored announcements also enter the content pool on iTWire and get recognised by Google for search engine traffic, and appear here

To re-emphasise, as mentioned above, these stories appear on every page of iTWire in the side bar on the right under "Sponsored announcements" tab.

They also appear in the second “Sponsored News” section at the bottom of every page on iTWire.

The stories also enter the Sponsored Announcement section of our iTWire Update Newsletter, which goes to over 76,500 readers twice a day.

It will remain in the newsletter for usually four and often five weeks until newer sponsored announcements take its place.

Our Premium Sponsored News is very popular with PR Professionals for that urgent story, or even the story that was overlooked for promotion a few days prior, that now requires immediate/urgent posting.

These postings can keep you in good favour with your customers by sending them the links immediately followed by excellent readership performance statistics within hours.

This is all helped by the speed from content creation to posting on iTWire.

Your Sponsored News story can be integrated with an iTWire Advertising Campaign, using all advert formats, and this is common in most cases as a supportive promotional tool for product launches and especially for events.

Additional Newsletter options:

  • Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) 600 x 900px
  • Newsletter Leaderboard 483 x 90px
  • Newsletter Medium Rectangle 33 x 250px
  • Mini Tower 222 x 500px
  • Small Rectangle 222 x 222px
  • Premium Text Driver – Text based Advert under every story
  • CommsWire Telco Magazine 210 x 70 mm

News Site options:

  • Leaderboard 728 x 90px
  • Large Rectangle 300 x 600px
  • Medium Rectangle 300 x 250px
  • Mini Rectangle 300 x 140px
  • Topic Sponsorship / Market Segment Banner 600 x 108px
  • Topic Sponsorship / Market Segment Page Skin 160 x 1,200px
  • Deluxe Driver Advert position Buy-out 100% yours 
  • Editor Intro Advert position Buy-out 100% yours 222 x 100px

Example of a Topic / Market Segment Sponsorship Advertising


iTWire's advertisement specifications are available here



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