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The 95% of Australians who rent or buy DVDs every year have won a major victory with the High Court of Australia last week ruling…
Tuesday, 11 October 2005 17:25

Carriers' IPTV plans hit hurdles

The optimism about IPTV evident at the IEC's Broadband World Forum (BBWF) Europe in 2005 has been tempered by a large dose of reality at…
Ecommerce enabler eBay and secure online payments provider VeriSign have formed a strategic alliance, which involves eBay's merchant services subsidiary PayPal buying Verisign's payment gateway…
Business productivity solutions developer Brookstone Technologies and call accounting developer PhoneControl Australia have signed an OEM Agreement in which PhoneControl will market internationally Brookstone's technology…
Monday, 10 October 2005 17:53

BT Radianz opens PoP in Taiwan

BT Radianz, the division of BT Global Services that provides international connectivity to the financial services industry has installed points of presence (PoPs) and upgraded…
Multinational computer games manufacturer Sony has lost a four year court battle to prevent Australian consumers from modifying Playstations to enable them to play cheap…
Tuesday, 04 October 2005 20:00

Google and Sun announce Java alliance

Google and Sun have announced a strategic relationship to cross-promote and distribute their respective technologies.
Tuesday, 04 October 2005 17:46

BT scores a double in global telco awards

BT scores a double in global telco awardsTelstra CEO, Sol Trujillo was in the running for the title of the 'Most Influential Person in Communications'…
Tuesday, 04 October 2005 17:45

Skype wants to be pre-installed

Skype say it aims to have its free-calling VoIP software pre-installed on certain hardware devices, such as WiFi handsets.
Tuesday, 04 October 2005 10:00

Google scaring the pants of rivals

In just seven years, Google has morphed from a bare-bones online search engine into a technological octopus that seems to sprout another intriguing tentacle every…



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