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Why it’s better to work with a local Cloud provider

By Nicki Pereira, CTO. 

There is no doubt that cloud computing is the most cost-efficient and reliable infrastructure for your business. Many organisations have experienced these benefits, clearly evident with the explosive growth cloud services have seen in recent years.

Australians have many choices with regard to Cloud Service Providers

In Australia, potential cloud customers have a multitude of cloud service providers to choose from. These range from global giants such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, who have data centres in Australia, to purely Australian cloud providers such as Zettagrid.

With such a variety to choose from which cloud provider should a business ultimately decide to subscribe to?

Should a business choose to go with a global giant as they are perceived to have superior technology and scalability, or should they rather choose to go with a local cloud provider who is dedicated to serving the customers of a particular region?

For Australian businesses, Zettagrid cloud meets and exceeds the service offerings of global cloud giants

Customers looking for enterprise grade cloud infrastructure services in Australia should choose Zettagrid as their cloud service provider. Zettagrid’s cloud solution offering is on par and in some instances even exceeds what is on offer by global service providers.

For example, on Zettagrid you can customise your virtual machine configuration as you see fit as you are not cornered into choosing a preconfigured instance or image created by a cloud service provider. Zettagrid also only offers world leading technology solutions from technology solution vendors which are the best in their class, so you are assured of having the most innovative, efficient and performant platform.

Over and above Zettagrid’s superior technology, let’s look at a few other good reasons why Zettagrid should be your cloud provider of choice if you are based in Australia.

Better service and better communication

People work with people.

By choosing Zettagrid as your local cloud provider you are guaranteed a personal level of service you will not receive from a global service provider. Because they are locally based, Zettagrid also gives you direct personal access the people who look after services. Once you have dealt with a Zettagrid professional we are certain you will enjoy greater peace of mind knowing you are in very capable hands.

Support is a good example of this personal touch.

With Zettagrid, there are no hurdles between you and somebody that can help. You have direct access to senior technical staff around the clock which you have the freedom to contact via email or phone.

In addition, Zettagrid is much closer to your business and this detailed level of local knowledge can prove vital when dealing with a complex problem unique to your environment.

Connectivity to regional networks

Choosing to go with a local cloud service provider like Zettagrid also gives you the options to install direct low-latency connectivity directly into the Zettagrid data centre.

Zettagrid has peering interconnects with multiple network providers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Zettagrid also offers direct connections via fibre or copper Ethernet or MPLS connectivity from customer location into their data centres at up to 10Gbps.

This ability to set up low-latency connections and access regional network providers and exchanges is a key feature for customers who want a performant robust and resilient hybrid IT environment.

Data Sovereignty

Every country has its own rules when it comes to data stored within its physical borders. If you are an Australian organisation it would be to your benefit and protection to ensure your data receives the adequate legislative protection Australian law has to offer.

Zettagrid’s data centres are all located within the borders of Australia and any data residing in these data centres is subject to the shelter provided to it under Australian law.

Global cloud providers are often challenged by their local governments to hand over data which is stored in a data centre outside of the government’s jurisdiction. This news article illustrates this point.

By choosing Zettagrid which is an Australian cloud service provider with data centres in Australia you can have peace of mind that your data is safe from the prying eyes of foreign governments.

Zettagrid is operated by Australians for Australians

There are clear benefits to choosing Zettagrid as your cloud service provider if you are an Australian organisation.

Not only does Zettagrid have world leading technology which is on par and in some cases even better than what is offered by other international service providers, at Zettagrid you are also guaranteed a personal service.

In addition, the fact that Zettagrid is a local service provider gives you better options for data centre interconnectivity and ensures the security of your information with data sovereignty and data ownership guarantees.

Ready to go local?

 Why not trial our cloud services for free and let our services do the talking. Click here for a 30 Day free trial


Zettagrid is an award-winning Australian cloud provider of IT Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for businesses. Zettagrid offers enterprise grade, on-demand data centre infrastructure with direct network connectivity. All services are fully automated and delivered without contracts to help lower customers' capital expenditures ensuring the reliability and flexibility businesses need. A subsidiary of the Zetta Group, Zettagrid operates in more data centres than any other cloud provider in Australia, with zones currently in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. As a result, Zettagrid provides true operational diversity to any organisation nationally. Learn more at

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